WE’RE EQUAL commitment

The Department for Trade and Investment is a member of WE'RE EQUAL and is committed to zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying, and harassment. 

Everyone should be safe from discrimination - because we're all different, but we're equal.

WE'RE EQUAL is an initiative of Equal Opportunity and by joining WE’RE EQUAL, DTI has committed to providing services and workplaces that are a safe space for everyone.

We will actively support your rights to respect and dignity and champion them to our customers, staff, suppliers and contractors.

  • Every person entering DTI workplaces will be treated equally, regardless of their age, ability, gender diversity, sexuality, relationship and reproductive status, race, religion, and culture.
  • DTI has zero tolerance for discrimination or disrespectful behaviours, whether to or by members of the public, our employees, our volunteers, suppliers and contractors.

Statement of commitment to WE'RE EQUAL
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If you experience discrimination or harassment at DTI, please speak with a DTI manager. You can also contact Equal Opportunity SA if you want to make a complaint.