Contractual management

Land Services SA is the exclusive Service Provider for South Australia’s land titling and valuation services with the Registrar-General, Valuer-General and the Surveyor-General continuing as statutory officers.

The Office of the Registrar-General’s role is critical in ensuring that the Service Provider is fulfilling its obligations to protect the security and maintain the integrity and accessibility of the state’s land titles system and valuation system, as well as ensuring that the commercialisation of the information within those systems by the Service Provider is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreements with the state.

The South Australian Government continues to:

  • guarantee indefeasibility of property title, supported by the statutory assurance fund
  • retain key legal, policy and regulatory functions and responsibilities
  • set regulated fees and charges with no changes other than the standard annual increases applied
  • have financial governance over the payment model established between the state and Land Services SA encompassing revenue collection, setting fees and auditing
  • retain ownership of titling and valuation data and associated intellectual property
  • oversee the service delivery standards, data security and privacy protections.