OSG Error reports


Error reports

Notice of the Surveyor-General No 5  requires that Surveyors finding differences regarding Permanent Survey Marks (PSMs) on surveys lodged with Land Services SA must report the discrepancies to the Surveyor-General, and provide updated coordinates for the survey mark. The reportable differences are specified in Notice of the Surveyor-General No 1. Differences to published coordinates are reported via the coordinate error report form, and updated coordinates for the PSM are provided using the provision of PSM coordinates spreadsheet.

Before lodging a report, the surveyor must verify their survey by independent measurements. The form includes a certification to this effect, which must be endorsed by the licensed surveyor responsible for submitting the plan. Regardless of the cause of the discrepancy, verification will typically require the surveyor to extend their survey to measure additional PSMs.

A surveyor must not endorse the form’s certification unless they have independently verified their measurements in relation to detecting the coordinate discrepancy.

The requirement to re-coordinate and report PSM coordinates may be ignored if the published PU for a PSM’s coordinate, exceeds 0.03m in Adelaide City, 0.05m in urban areas, or if the PSM coordinate has a ‘Type B PU’ attribute such as “Reactive Soil Area”. Refer to Section 2.4 of the Cadastral Survey Guidelines for further detail.

Coordinate errors identified in surveys that will not be lodged with Land Service SA may also be reported using the online coordinate error report form. 

If confirmation of problematic coordinates is needed, surveyors can contact the Survey Operations Unit at (08) 7133 2300 or email DTI.SurveyOperations@sa.gov.au.

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