Business Missions

Department for Trade and Investment design and run outcome-focussed international trade missions for South Australian businesses to connect you with opportunities in overseas markets, support international trade growth and foster ongoing relationships in offshore markets.

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Types of business missions

  • Outbound

    Outbound business missions take South Australian exporters directly to targeted international markets.
    Participating in one of our outbound business missions gives you access to Department for Trade and Investment’s network of international trade contacts, importers and buyers. Delegates find in-market facilitated introductions and meetings the fastest way to expand their export revenue.
    Department for Trade and Investment provides pre-mission preparation, including in-depth market briefings. Business missions may be led by South Australian Government ministers or departmental trade experts whom accompany the missions and provide support to lock in export opportunities.

  • Inbound

    Inbound business missions bring international buyers, distributors, investors and government representatives to South Australia. 
    We regularly host inbound business missions to provide an easy, cost-effective way for local businesses to connect with international markets on home soil. 
    Inbound business missions range from a small number of overseas companies to large multidisciplinary delegations.

  • Virtual

    Virtual business missions enable potential exporters to gain invaluable market in-sights without having to leave South Australia. 
    Participation in virtual business missions offers a cost-effective way to better understand the requirements and preferences of overseas markets and make new business contacts. We secure country experts to lead virtual missions, providing years of industry and market knowledge. 
    Virtual business missions are ideal for new to export businesses or businesses looking to target a new region.

Are you planning to travel overseas? 

We can support you in-market

If you’re planning a business visit to one of the 13 locations we have a Global Office, you may like to get in touch with one of our offshore trade and investment officers. Whether you’re looking to expand your export business, do a business deal or make new contacts in-market, our Global Office network is there to support your business.