OSG Permanent Survey Marks FAQs


Permanent Survey Marks FAQs

1. Where can I find the height or coordinates of a Permanent Survey Mark (PSM)?
The location or coordinates and the height or elevation of a PSM can be found in the South Australian Property and Planning Atlas.

View more information about Permanent Survey Marks
2. How can I use SAPPA to find Permanent Survey Marks (PSMs) and their information?
Instructions about how to use SAPPA can be found on the following document. For more information, please visit the Plan SA website.

3. Why isn’t there a height value on one of the Permanent Survey Marks (PSMs)?
Due to the measurement method, not all PSMs have heights attached to them. Those PSMs with height have a special symbol with a vertical line. Their heigh value can be found using either the PSM number to search or selecting the PSM with the selection tools on SAPPA. Once selected and highlighted green, select the PSM from the list at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Print’ option. A new tab will open with all information relation to that specific PSM.

4. What is the positional uncertainty (PU) of a Permanent Survey Mark (PSM)?
The PU of the coordinates is reported with the survey mark details. PU of coordinates is an indication of the accuracy of the coordinates compared to the reference datum (i.e. GDA2020) and determines which marks can be used as datum for surveys and control points to coordinate new survey marks.

5. Why is a ‘Type B PU’ assigned to Permanent Survey Mark (PSM)?
PSMs in known reactive soil areas will be assigned a ‘Type B PU’ attribute that may increase their PU. Type B is an international standard relating to measurement uncertainty based on environmental factors.

6. I need to install a new Permanent Survey Mark (PSM), where can I get the supplies?
You can collect PSM supplies from the new depot of the Surveyor-General at Unit 10/1160 Old Port Road, Royal Park SA 5014.

No team member is based at the depot, therefore, you are required to email us at DTI.SurveyOperations@sa.gov.au or call us at (08) 7133 2300 a minimum of 24 hours prior to collection date. 

All materials can be obtained from the depot of the Surveyor-General except for precast PSMs. These can be purchased from Silvercrete.

7. I require a number for a new Permanent Survey Mark (PSM), what should I do?
Email us at DTI.SurveyOperations@sa.gov.au or call us at (08) 7133 2300, and provide the location of the new mark, including the map reference in which the mark will be placed and a job reference id.

8. I am doing a rural cadastral survey, and believe I require Permanent Survey Marks (PSMs) to be placed due to spacing requirements. Where do I place these marks?
To place the new PSMs you are required to send through your intended plan. This will allow a member of the Office of the Surveyor-General to determine the best positions for the PSMs. Please email us at DTI.SurveyOperations@sa.gov.au or call us at (08) 7133 2300. 

View more policies and regulations and consult the Notice of the Surveyor-General No 4 and its additional resources. 

9. I am required to submit Permanent Survey Mark (PSMs) coordinates, where do I send these to?
Provide the Surveyor-General with coordinates for PSMs.

For more information, view the Submission of PSMs coordinates.
10. When can I use Mini Permanent Survey Marks (Mini-PSMs) when placing marks?
It is common for Mini-PSMs to be placed in community divisions in lieu of the standard PSMs. This can only be executed if approved by the Office of the Surveyor-General.
For more information, email us at DTI.SurveyOperations@sa.gov.au or call us at (08) 7133 2300. 
11. I do not agree with the coordinates of a Permanent Survey Mark (PSM), what should I do?
In case you find a discrepancy between the coordinate of a PSM provided by the Office of the Surveyor-General and the one determined in your survey, please upload an error report.
For more information view the Notice of the Surveyor-General No 4 and its additional resources. 
12. I could not find a Permanent Survey Mark (PSM), how can I inform this?
In case you can’t find a PSM on the field, please upload a PSM gone report. Your efforts to report the absence of a PSM contribute to the integrity of survey network and the effectiveness of future surveys. Thank you for your cooperation.

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