OSG Roads (Opening and Closing)


Roads (Opening and Closing)

The opening and closing of public roads in South Australia is regulated by the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991. The Act allows public roads to be closed and merged with adjoining land and land to be opened as new road. This process is managed by the local council for the area and the Surveyor-General ensures the process complies with the Act.  The Roads Unit ensures: all requirements such as legal access and service easements are considered the consultation process is carried out correctly any objections to a proposal are carefully considered. 


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We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal peoples as the state's first peoples and nations, and recognise them as traditional owners and occupants of land and waters in South Australia. Further, we acknowledge that the spiritual, social, cultural and economic practices of Aboriginal peoples come from their traditional lands and waters, that they maintain their cultural and heritage beliefs, languages and laws which are of ongoing importance, and that they have made and continue to make a unique and irreplaceable contribution to the state. We acknowledge that Aboriginal peoples have endured past injustice and dispossession of their traditional lands and waters.