About us

The Department for Trade and Investment (DTI) helps industry ecosystems and businesses identify and capitalise upon opportunities for job creation and economic growth in South Australia. A strong economic future depends on growing exports and investments. DTI works with South Australian businesses and stakeholders to boost exports, attract investments and grow the state’s international engagement and showcase South Australia to the world. 

The Planning and Land Use Services (PLUS) Directorate within DTI manages the planning and land use systems for South Australia. This includes planning and development, growth management, design and land use services to grow our economy and create more vibrant places for our communities.

Our vision and mission

We facilitate South Australia’s strong, effective and sustainable growth by:

  • identifying and promoting our state’s competitive advantages
  • driving local, national and international investment
  • increasing, diversifying and facilitating the export of our goods and services
  • creating a planning and development environment that allows people and businesses to thrive
  • fostering a culture of good design in the built environment.

Our values

  • Service - Proudly serve the community and Government of South Australia.
  • Professionalism - Strive for excellence.
  • Trust - Have confidence in the ability of others.
  • Respect - Value every individual.
  • Collaboration and engagement - Create solutions together.
  • Honesty and integrity - Act truthfully, consistently, and fairly.
  • Courage and tenacity - Never give up.
  • Sustainability - Work to get the best results for current and future generations of South Australians.

Our functions

Brand South Australia - Establish Brand South Australia as the lead brand manager for the state, while working with partners to encourage local spending.
International - We promote South Australia internationally; we take South Australia’s key messages and opportunities to the world.

Invest South Australia - We drive economic growth by supporting business investment and taking South Australia’s competitive strengths to the world.

Office for Design and Architecture SA - We promote the value of good design with the view that every new development has the potential to improve our quality of life, attract investment and reduce our impact on the environment.

Planning and Land Use Services - We plan how to make the best use of South Australia’s assets through evidence-based research, integrated policy development and stakeholder engagement. We use what we learn to build creative, liveable, sustainable communities.

Trade - We help businesses in South Australia achieve their export goals through our market development and TradeStart teams and programs.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Department for Trade and Investment acknowledges First Nations peoples as the Traditional Owners of South Australian land and waters and we extend our respect to Elders past, present and emerging. We value and recognise the ongoing cultural and heritage beliefs and relationship First Nations peoples have with these lands and waters and the continuing importance of this today. As an organisation that works across national and international boundaries, we also wish to pay our respects to First Nations peoples throughout Australia and across the world.