MIT bigdata Living Lab

MIT bigdata Living Lab at Lot Fourteen will bring together the public, private and research sectors to analyse big data to determine the most effective ways for South Australia to grow the economy and drive sustainable population growth.

Collaborative partnership

A collaborative research initiative led by the Government of South Australia in partnership and participation with, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Bank SA, Optus and DSpark, the Living Lab will work to better understand social interactions within the various communities across South Australia.

Tourism Research Project

As an initial area of focus the Living Lab is looking to identify opportunities to boost the outcomes of the South Australia Visitor Economy Sector Plan 2030.

The project will leverage research approaches proven in Andorra (northern Spain) to evaluate marketing strategies in tourism, understand tourists’ experiences, and evaluate revenues and externalities generated by touristic events.

Governance and consultation

Future projects will be identified as a result of consultation and input with the Living Lab Executive Governance Group, the Living Lab Working Group and a Research Advisory Group.

Living Lab Executive Governance Group

Is made up of the Lab’s partners and key representatives from the Government of South Australia. It will provide executive oversight, promotion and enablement of the Living Lab to realise its fullest potential. It will ensure the partners maintain oversight and shape the future of the Living Lab.

The group will be responsible for:

  • Input into research topic development and endorsement
  • Oversight of research topics progress and impacts over time
  • Exploration of options for expansion of the Living Lab capability
  • Vetting and endorsement when opportunities arise to add new partners to the Living Lab.

Living Lab Working Group

Is responsible for the day-to-day organisation and running of the Living Lab at Lot Fourteen.

Research Advisory Group

Are representatives from various government, university and industry bodies who will be called upon to provide additional support, direction and advice on specific research projects as required. 

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