MIT bigdata Living Lab

Contributing to the worldwide reputation South Australia’s hi-tech sector is gaining, the MIT bigdata Living Lab in South Australia is based at innovation neighbourhood, Lot Fourteen.

The Living Lab brings together the public, private and research sectors to analyse big data to determine the most effective ways for South Australia to grow the economy and drive sustainable population growth.

A lab to create insights and economic growth

The bigdata Living Lab utilises MIT’s world-leading secure data analysis tools and methodology to ensure data privacy is maintained and private and public organisations will be able to safely and securely analyse data to identify growth opportunities, improve government decision making and improve socio-economic outcomes.

Atlas of Opportunity

MIT has developed the Atlas of Opportunity to enable users to freely compare a wide range of economic and demographic data to produce insights for people, business owners, and authorities to help in making informed decisions.

The Atlas uses de-identified and aggregated banking spend data from BankSA, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Australian Business Register (ABR), and the South Australian Business Research Environment (SABRE) which is linked to the Business Longitudinal Analytical Data Environment to form SA BLADE.

Search the Atlas of Opportunity 

Screengrab: Atlas of Opportunity

Users can find a wide variety of information about different statistical areas (SA2). The data includes information about sociodemographic, economic and spending patterns. The comparison tool then enables users to compare different features for different SA2s of their choice.

User guide
Atlas of Opportunity User Guide.pdf
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Living Lab Executive Governance Group

The group is made up of the Lab’s partners and key representatives from the South Australian Government. It provides executive oversight, promotion and enablement of the Living Lab to realise its fullest potential. It ensures the partners maintain oversight and shape the future of the Living Lab. 

The group is responsible for:

  • Input into research topic development and endorsement
  • Oversight of research topics progress and impacts over time
  • Exploration of options for expansion of the Living Lab capability
  • Vetting and endorsement when opportunities arise to add new partners to the Living Lab.