Airbus announces its commitment to the Australian Space Park

01 Aug 2022
The largest aeronautics and space company in Europe, Airbus, has announced its commitment to becoming part of the Australian Space Park in Adelaide, South Australia.
A global pioneer in the manufacturing and delivery of aerospace products, services and solutions, Airbus is committed to delivering Australian industry capability and will be the first prime to invest and engage with Australia’s space sector through a dedicated assembly and integration (AI) presence.
The global company, which employs 125,000 people around the world, says South Australia is the burgeoning hub for Australia’s space industry and is the natural choice for Airbus to set up a Space Assembly and Integration presence in the country.
The Australian Space Park will be the nation’s first dedicated space manufacturing hub and, once in operation, will boost space manufacturing capability and capacity within a purpose-built facility. 
Airbus is a global aerospace company at the forefront of the space industry and is a well-known and recognised company. Its commitment to the Australian Space Park will elevate the status of South Australia’s space industry and see small satellite assembly and integration occurring in South Australia for key Australian projects.
The space industry in Australia offers huge potential for companies and, in South Australia, is proving to be the centre of gravity for the sector as the state attracts more and more companies to be at the forefront of supporting sovereign space capability that enables the development, integration, assembly and testing of space hardware.
The Australian Space Park will provide the opportunity to construct a common user facility to support small satellite constellation manufacturing as well as other spacecraft and components.
The Australian Space Park will help to support the national aim to triple space’s contribution to Gross Domestic Product to $12 billion by 2030. It will also boost South Australia’s growing reputation for industry capability within the global space and advanced aerospace sectors.
Airbus’ commitment to joining the Australian Space Park with a Space Assembly and Integration presence will bring a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge that can be transferred to local SMEs to further strengthen Australia’s sovereign capability.
Airbus Defence and Space Ltd Managing Director, Richard Franklin, says Airbus’ investment will significantly expand Australia’s sovereign satellite manufacturing capability, enabling the production of satellites up to 300kg – a big step in terms of scale and sophistication of satellites being assembled in Australia. 
Airbus’ involvement in the Australian Space Park will provide a platform for industry to scale its satellite manufacturing capabilities. Airbus aims to be a national asset for Australia to support the government’s wider strategic aspirations of a sustainable space industry.
“As the burgeoning hub for Australia’s space manufacturing industry, South Australia is the natural choice for Airbus to establish a dedicated satellite assembly and integration presence,” Mr Franklin said. “Our vision for this facility is to provide a national asset to support the Australian Government's wider strategic aspiration to build a sustainable space industry. We look forward to working closely with the Government of South Australia and industry to help lead this vision.”
Airbus will join other previous announced companies Fleet Space Technologies, Alauda Aeronautics, ATSpace and Q-CTRL at the Australian Space Park.
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