South Korean genetic analysis company to launch service in South Australia

21 Sep 2021

A South Korean genetic analysis company that uses artificial intelligence on cancer samples for individualised treatment to predict the best outcome options, is the latest successful funding recipient of the South Australian Landing Pad.

Pictured: CEO Dr Clay Matthews, Helixa South Australia

Helixa Proprietary Limited is a commercial entity of the Samsung Genome Institute and will use the $80,000 South Australian Landing Pad funding to establish at Tonsley Innovation District in South Australia.
The company’s initial focus will be the introduction of services using Cancerscan and Liquidscan for in-vitro cancer sample analysis to predict treatment outcomes. Going forward, the company will also establish laboratory services and training in South Australia.
The company’s capability and technology will have broad benefits to South Australia’s health and medical industries’ ecosystem through interactions with artificial intelligence, research and development and clinical trials.
Helixa is headed up in South Australia by CEO Dr Clay Matthews, who forecasts creating up to 30 jobs in the next three to five years. South Australia was chosen to establish the company’s laboratory due to its leading health and medical facilities and valuable professional networks and associates.
“Helixa uses the most advanced methods known to deliver precision therapy,” Dr Matthews said. “We use the genetic sequence of each cancer to predict the optimal validated drug that will improve the outcome of treatment. This avoids needless suffering for patients and increases doctor’s productivity.”
The South Australian Landing Pad assists companies to build a presence in the state to not only create jobs locally, but also to forge connections with local vendors, partners, customers and collaborators.

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