South Australian businesses team up for Gather Round

13 Apr 2023
The inaugural AFL Gather Round hosted in South Australia not only attracted football fans from across the nation, it has also appealed to companies and equity investors looking for new business and investment opportunities.
At a range of events hosted and supported by Invest SA and associated with the Gather Round, investors and big business will hear from key government representatives on how South Australia is encouraging growth that links global opportunities to the state’s strengths, while ensuring all South Australians benefit from the state’s economic prosperity.
The Premier of South Australia will speak at other key events including Carlton FC bringing its ‘Carlton in Business’ networking experience to Magill Estate alongside major partner Penfolds – demonstrating how Gather Round is winning over the football industry, donors and supporters to view South Australia as an investment destination.  
 The Premier will also join former AFL captain Jack Trengove – now an equities analyst at Lanyon Asset Management – at a business and sport event, where the Number Two draft pick and proud local will outline why South Australia is in prime position to support elite athletes’ financial futures.
With keynote speeches from the Premier of South Australia, highlighting the state’s enviable combination of capabilities in areas of competitive strengths, company representatives will hear about the state’s strategic objectives and how the South Australian Government is focusing on the most significant opportunities that will grow the state’s economy.
These objectives include capitalising on the global green transition, being a partner of choice in an insecure world and building upon South Australia’s talent to ensure the transition to a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.
South Australia’s aspiration is to foster a green transformation of the South Australian economy, including transitioning to hydrogen which has the potential to create an economic boom by investing in the skills needed to make the state a leader in hydrogen technology.
The recent announcement of the significant investment in Australia’s defence sector with the construction of Australian nuclear-powered submarines to be built in South Australia, has also cemented South Australia as the nation’s defence state, with thousands of jobs to be created within the sector and supply chain, creating opportunities for local, national and international companies.
These will be just some of the topics to be discussed at specific business events during the AFL Gather Round, along with special investor pitches organised by Invest SA and hosted by Business SA, will feature South Australian companies tabling their products and investment expansion ideas to private equity investors. Participating companies include Change Climate, Complexica, Cooper Energy, Camms, Tic:Toc, Neutrog, Fleet Space Technologies, Spark, Bailey Abbott, X-Frame, Andromeda, and LVX Global.
“Hosting the Morgan Stanley investor group at Business SA during AFL Gather Round is an excellent example of the tangible, yet less public benefits this event brings to our state,” said Andrew Kay, CEO of Business SA.
“To have investors of this scale in Adelaide en masse is extremely rare, and festival of football has been the catalyst. The presence of this group underscores the opportunities that exist within South Australia. They have a wealth of global investment opportunities, but they have chosen to come here to discover what our business community has to offer.”
Tom Carlton, CEO of Bailey Abbott, said; “Bailey Abbott is excited to be presenting to the investor group visiting as part of the Business SA and Invest SA Gather Round event, as a nimble South Australian start-up our company is on a journey towards innovation and disruption of the information services industry, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to build relationships with the investment community as a we continue our growth trajectory.”
A business lunch on Friday will also feature members of the Brand SA Board to spruik South Australian products available in special ‘goodie’ bags for all attendees.
Private equity investment is seen as an important driver of growth and innovation in the South Australian economy and is expected to play a significant role in the state’s future economic development.
Invest SA has been re-established to drive inbound international and national investment, while supporting strategic local investment within the state, leveraging South Australia’s competitive strengths and competencies.
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