Local energy company makes it Big in Blighty

10 May 2023
A South Australian company’s successful expansion into the United Kingdom will provide a model for more local businesses to follow its lead, as the State prepares for a stronger economic relationship with the nation through AUKUS and the new Free Trade Agreement.  
Trade and Investment Minister Nick Champion met with Energy Exemplar in London to learn more about their international success story in innovation and hi-tech – and how other South Australian companies can learn from them.
Energy Exemplar was supported by the Department for Trade and Investment and the Office of the Agent General to expand its operations overseas, providing a snapshot of how government support can help drive business outcomes.
The company’s software solutions are an example of how South Australia is reimagining electricity grids as the globe transitions to renewables and target dispersed networks.
Energy Exemplar’s work dovetails into the State’s globally recognised leadership in renewable energy, and its Hydrogen Jobs Plan.
Discussions also included representatives from the National Grid – which delivers electricity and gas in the UK to over eight million homes – and their partners.
They provided an update on UK trends and opportunities, while the Minister shared the South Australian Government’s priorities for a hydrogen industry and developing a decarbonised electricity grid.
The story of South Australia’s renewable energy transition serves as an enticing environment for international investment.
As the State continues to strive to achieve 100% net renewable by 2030, forecasting from the Australian Energy Market Operator suggests that by 2025/26 the State’s energy network could be 85% renewable.