Kumanu lands in SA to address wellbeing implications of COVID-19 in workplaces

21 Sep 2021

US health-tech company, Kumanu, has landed in South Australia after receiving funding as part of the South Australian Landing Pad program to establish their first Asia-Pacific presence.

Director for Kumanu Australia, Paul Richards

Kumanu has established in Adelaide for the Australian roll-out of their artificial intelligence platform, PurposeCloud™, which comprises a mobile app for individuals, a web-based analytics dashboard for organisations, and an AI-driven insights engine that connects and contextualises all data and variables gathered.

Kumanu’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform targets the growing number of employer and member-based organisations looking to invest in the health and wellbeing of their communities; to achieve measurable improvements in engagement, resilience, and emotional wellbeing.

The company also provides an array of launch, integration, and sustainability services to help organisations better fuse their corporate, people, and wellbeing strategies around a shared purpose.

Director for Kumanu Australia, Paul Richards said extensive empirical research has led to the development of PurposeCloud™ as a scalable way in which employers can help their employees personalise their priorities, enabling greater focus on happiness and satisfaction; and leading to greater productivity and lower risk of physical and emotional health problems.

“Our mobile app differentiates from traditional wellbeing and mindfulness apps, by harnessing each person’s intrinsic motivation to translate purpose into action,” Mr Richards said.

“To date, clients have achieved an average of 67 per cent in improved sense of purpose, a 54 per cent increase in resilience, 60 per cent greater engagement, and 36 per cent reduced risk of depression.

“With advanced AI and machine learning technology built into the platform, there are no known technology-based direct competitors currently in the market and there is a rapidly growing market for these services.”

Under their SALP agreement, Kumanu has been awarded $80,000; $40,000 to be used to help with office space and $40,000 which can be used to hire local professional services suppliers. 

The SALP is a crucial conduit for companies looking to build a presence in South Australia, helping businesses find a foothold in a new place, embed in the local economy, create jobs and forge connections with local vendors, partners, customers and collaborators.

For further information view the South Australian Landing Pad