Invest SA team to sell South Australia to the world

25 Oct 2022
Christopher Wood has been appointed as executive director of the newly re-established Invest SA.
Invest SA will play a huge role in awakening South Australia’s role in the global market, sending a message to the rest of the world the State is the best place to invest.

  • Christopher Wood
Currently Chief Executive Officer for Regional Development Australia, Mr Wood will begin his new role at Invest SA in November (2022).
Mr Wood has held senior leadership roles at Edge International Consulting and with the Australian Government including as the Consul and Trade and Investment Commissioner in Sapporo, Osaka and Fukuoka, Japan.
Mr Wood lived and worked in Japan for almost 20-years and is fluent in the language, providing a key advantage as South Australia continues to target the Asia Pacific market – which has huge growth potential.
“I can’t wait to start this exciting role and am grateful for the opportunity,” Mr Wood said. “Having lived and worked overseas I understand what investors are looking for and how much South Australia has to offer. 

“South Australia presents an attractive proposition in a very stable environment, and I will work closely with colleagues across departments and jurisdictions to make great things happen.

“I look forward to assisting investors and helping them to deliver projects that are critical for the long-term growth of South Australia.”

Mr Wood’s decades of experience facilitating significant investment and economic projects will help Invest SA drive inbound international and national investment into South Australia.
His appointment is a big step towards facilitating a coordinated approach towards targeting markets with huge growth potential for South Australia.
Building on the work of the State’s trade office across the globe, Invest SA will grow its connections across government agencies and regulators to connect international and national investments to critical industry and research partners, market opportunities and ultimately, export gateways.