Adelaide 36ers block out the Suns in Arizona

04 Oct 2022
Adelaide 36ers have made history, defeating the NBA’s Phoenix Suns in Arizona during a State Government-sponsored tour of the United States.
The 36ers are the first National Basketball League (NBL) team to ever defeat a National Basketball Association (NBA) team, with the final score 134 to 124.
The team proudly donned uniforms emblazoned with Brand SA logos and South Australian branding was displayed on televisions during the match, which had a more than 15,000-strong crowd at Footprint Centre stadium – along with the likely hundreds of thousands watching it live on television and online.
The re-establishment of Brand SA has provided a backing for the 36ers, which is the only Australian team to go to the States for the off-season.
As part of the US tour, the Adelaide basketballers also took on Oklahoma City with South Australia’s State Brand prominently on show, with the aim to promote and support trade and investment opportunities on a global scale.
Companies from Australia and South Australia, including Valo, Walker Corporation and XVenture, have also travelled with the Adelaide 36ers to explore business opportunities and connections.
Following the US tour, the new partnership will also provide other promotional opportunities and extend through the regular 2022/23 NBL season.