Where to invest: Our sectors of opportunity

We work with our investors to uncover opportunities in South Australia, to showcase our comparative advantages that will unleash the potential for entrepreneurship and innovation to drive the next generation of businesses and opportunities.

  • Creative industries

    Our cultural creativity is helping to inspire new enterprises and attract global companies to South Australia.

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  • Defence

    South Australia is at the forefront of the nation’s defence industries and delivering some of Australia’s largest and most complex defence projects.

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  • Energy and mining

    South Australia leads the nation in renewable energy and our rich, natural assets, headlined by large deposits of copper, gold, iron ore, graphite and petroleum are complemented by one of the world’s best climates for wind and solar.

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  • Food, wine and agribusiness

    South Australia is a leading agricultural region, with clean, green food and beverages that produce premium quality food and wine for global exports.

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  • Health and medical industries

    South Australia’s global leadership in medical technologies is supported by our health science precinct, one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

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  • Hi-tech

    With our world-class capabilities in hi-tech, our state is demonstrating pioneering enterprise in automation, defence, photonics and frontier materials.

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  • International education

    Our state’s international education sector is focused on industries of the future, attracting students from around the world to our highly-regarded universities and providing opportunities for investment.

  • Space industries

    Our state’s space sector is incredibly active and is home to Australia’s national space agency.

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  • Tourism

    Our unique regions with world-class produce, stunning coastline and unique native wildlife provides opportunities for sustainable tourism developments and experiences.

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