SSTL orbits into South Australia

04 Oct 2022
Orbiting into South Australia, UK-based Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd – SSTL – a subsidiary of Airbus, has announced the establishment of its first office in the Southern Hemisphere.

SSTL designs and manufactures payloads, subsystems and equipment in-house and have supported more than 20 countries around the world in developing their space capability.

Part of the Airbus Group, SSTL aims to collaborate with the Australian space industry by sharing knowledge, intellectual property and experience to stimulate local growth and competitiveness.

SSTL will be in close proximity to the Australian Space Agency and the Defence Science and Technology Group in Edinburgh. Clive Oates, SSTL Head of Five Eyes Nations, will lead the company’s presence in South Australia.

The company will service the entire country from its Adelaide base, selected for its central location, maturity and growth of the space industry in Australia.

We will bring our world-renowned technology to Australia, to support local companies to take a step-up in sovereign capability,” said Phil Brownnett, Managing Director, SSTL.

SSTL is also a partner on RMS STaR Shot and will be looking at how it can strategically support Australian companies to deliver sovereign capability through the planned national programs.

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