Salesforce and its ecosystem to create 100 South Australian jobs

09 Feb 2022

South Australians will have more opportunity to find secure technology-focussed employment as Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners will add 100 jobs over the next five years.

The South Australian Government and Salesforce have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to help the Government and businesses in South Australia reach their goal of net zero emissions sooner. The agreement is the first collaboration of its kind globally for Salesforce Net Zero Cloud.
Salesforce Net Zero Cloud combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities from the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) and Green Industries SA (GISA) will be piloted to deliver the sophisticated tools and data sources required by companies to reduce their carbon emissions and take climate action.
The collaboration is yet another example of a multinational company calling South Australia home, as well as cementing the state as a global leader in sustainability.
South Australia has the fastest growing economy in the country, the lowest unemployment rate in its history and is a beacon in attracting global hi-tech companies to Adelaide, with the likes of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Accenture committing to operations in South Australia.
South Australia’s green economy has the potential to create thousands of jobs that will help companies and communities all around the globe transition to a net-zero carbon future.
Having just committed to net 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and net zero by 2050 as part of the South Australian Government’s Climate Change Action Plan 2021-25, Salesforce’s commitment to Adelaide demonstrates they are willing to be a foundational part of this vision and will help create hi-tech sustainability jobs for the future.
The South Government is looking to capitalise on South Australia’s sustainability success by investing in and supporting South Australia’s green economy – with an ambition to make South Australia an Asia-Pacific hub for net-zero carbon services. 
Salesforce technology staff will be at Lot Fourteen, co-locating with other hi-tech organisations.
Salesforce is supporting South Australia’s path to net zero emissions and its growing green economy. The transition to net-zero is going to require innovation, it is going to take a better understanding of logistics chains using data, technology adoption and upskilling of companies in AI, data management, analysis and reporting, and Salesforce is committed to growing these skills in the heart of Adelaide.
Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, created Net Zero Cloud to help organisations to easily track, analyse, and report reliable environmental data, and get actionable insights to take meaningful climate action.
Net Zero Cloud transforms a complex process of carbon accounting that could take months into one that takes just weeks.
Salesforce’s collaboration with AIML and GISA, will support the Government's transparency and accounting towards decarbonisation across the sector, along with establishing a framework to support private sector utilisation across the state.
"We are proud to put technology in the hands of our customers so they can make meaningful decisions about climate action and are excited to partner with the Government of South Australia to help them reach their climate goals,” said Salesforce Head of Global Distribution Net Zero Cloud Tyler Harnish.
Salesforce SVP and GM, Public Sector, Barry Dietrich said, “South Australia has a great sustainability track record, and we look forward to working with the South Australian Government to set a new benchmark in public accountability reporting for carbon emissions.”