Lights, camera, action for App Demo Videos’ move to South Australia

25 Mar 2024
An international video company that was one of the first to specialise in producing videos for mobile devices is relocating from New South Wales to South Australia, aiming to double their employee base.
App Demo Videos (, established in 2009 in the United States, crafts captivating marketing and tutorial videos that bring mobile apps and websites to life, having worked on projects with leading global companies including Microsoft, Netflix, AT&T, Oracle and SAP.
The App Demo Videos team provides bespoke production services to clients of all sizes – from crowdfunded startups to Fortune 500 household names. Their videos have played a pivotal role in helping startups raise millions of dollars, with the team offering support and guidance from initial planning and scriptwriting through seamless production and delivery.
They also bring their extensive experience in podcast and digital course development to South Australia, having worked with Forrester Research, NASA’s Langley Visitor Center and the Royal Society of Victoria.
“South Australia’s growing creative ecosystem seems full of exciting opportunities for making industry connections and finding new members of our team,” said Mr Adam Weiss, Founder and Demonstrations Lead, App Demo Videos.

“The mix of tech innovators, research institutions and forward-thinking companies combines with strong government support for innovation to give us confidence that this is an environment where we will be able to grow and thrive.

“On the personal side, the lifestyle and overall liveability was the biggest draw. Having a compact capital city with nearly all of the cultural and business benefits of Sydney or Melbourne in a much more accessible package was just too good to pass up.

“The amazing proximity to nature and the ability to live in a pleasant and walkable suburb with great amenities was tremendously appealing.”

The company currently employs around 20 staff that span the United States and Australia and is keen to employ South Australians to grow the new base in Adelaide, doubling the team within the next 10 years.

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