Leading Keyidea lands in Adelaide to nurture next generation of tech innovators

11 Feb 2021
EdTech company, Leading Keyidea will establish a South Australian base under the state’s South Australian Landing Pad (SALP) Program.

A subsidiary of Shanghai Leading Education Technology, the company will provide high quality K12 artificial intelligence (AI) and science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths (STEAM) education services to foster the next generation of technology innovators.

Leading Keyidea plans to become the principal company offering AI and coding education in South Australia, creating up to 50 local jobs within the next five years and eventually extending the market across the globe.

With the rise of AI technology, research and industrial applications of emerging technologies will have broad prospects in South Australia, with the AI education market ushering in new opportunities.

Minister for Trade and Investment Stephen Patterson said Leading Keyidea’s move to the state is a welcome addition to South Australia’s education and hi-tech industries.

“A key aspect of Leading Keyidea’s business will be to build upon the state’s up-and-coming STEAM market; bringing about innovative school courses, programming clubs, online and offline activities, and educator training,” Minister Patterson said.

“The company will work with South Australia’s education institutions to develop and improve locally suitable STEAM courses, with a focus on innovation and multidisciplinary integration - including electronics and programming, merging mathematics, artificial intelligence, arts and creative thinking.

“By introducing advanced and practical AI education and coding resource into K12 schools, students will have access to high-quality courses and technological activities, such as an AI and Robotics camp program, targeting primary and secondary schools initially in China and South Australia.

“These global exchange activities will help attract international students to South Australia, whilst at the same time, attract international companies to invest here through cooperative hi-tech projects.”

Under its SALP agreement, Leading Keyidea has been awarded $80,000 – $40,000 to be used to help with office space and $40,000 which can be used to hire local professional services suppliers.

CEO of Leading Keyidea, Dr Lan Wang, said the approval of their SALP application has inspired the company’s investment and development in South Australia, and means their direction has been recognised by the government.

“It is very important to start STEAM and AI education from a very young age, to stimulate children’s curiosity and interest,” Dr Wang said.

“We are committed to bringing the latest global AI education practises to South Australia and build an international, dynamic and influential educational environment to foster the next generation of technology innovators.

“From AI education to AI technology implementation, we look forward to co-development with our local customers and partners, mobilising AI talents and empowering the whole industry.”

Minister Patterson said whilst AI education services is Leading Keyidea’s priority, the company will also engage with South Australia’s hi-tech sector and universities to transfer their leading international technologies into local applications, focusing on satellite communications, agricultural and industrial applications.

“For example, the company has already developed a traceability system using AI and blockchain technology for agriculture and a trusted warehouse management system for multiple industries,” Minister Patterson said.

“With these technologies, enterprises can enhance credibility from their customers, and better manage products in an end-to-end ecosystem.

“A key application of this technology is in the wine industry where it can be used to trace wine bottles to demonstrate provenance.”

The SALP is a crucial conduit for companies looking to build a presence in South Australia, helping businesses find a foothold in a new place, embed in the local economy, create jobs and forge connections with local vendors, partners, customers and collaborators.