Introducing the Department of State Development

01 Jul 2024
From today, Monday 1 July 2024, the Department for Trade and Investment will be integrated with the existing Department for Industry, Innovation and Science to form a new economic agency – the Department of State Development (DSD).

This new agency, which encompasses the functions of the Department for Industry, Innovation and Science, Invest SA and Brand SA will also have greater scope and responsibilities, including Skills SA and population strategy.

Led by Chief Executive Adam Reid, DSD will take the lead in addressing critical areas such as:

  • Advancing strategies to meet the evolving workforce and skill requirements within various growth industries and areas of need.
  • Strengthening collaboration across research and development, higher education, industry advancement, and investment priorities.
  • Elevating our state's appeal to businesses, investors, and talented professionals by enhancing our value proposition.

Through the consolidation of the South Australian Government's economic growth portfolios, we aim to streamline coordination efforts for businesses and organisations like yours and foster greater efficiency.

Amidst these changes, our commitment to providing exceptional services and program support remains unwavering. 

Together, we can foster an environment where businesses and industries thrive, generating innovative solutions to tackle local and global challenges.

Learn more about the Department of State Development.