International robotics company to drive innovation and job creation in South Australia

27 Apr 2023
An international robotics company that established its Australian branch in Adelaide in 2021, has held an official opening ceremony for their R&D facility in Glynde.

RV Automation Technology (RV Technology), a South Australian Landing Pad recipient, was founded in 2015 and is a professional developer and retailer of autonomous devices and systems with a focus on people-centric and one-stop robotic application.

With footprints in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe, Shenzhen and Taiwan, RV Technology provides all-round technical support and after-sale service to clients. Its robotic applications have been widely adopted in a variety of sectors including aviation, logistics, healthcare, property, hospitality, food and beverage, governmental departments and public organisations. 

The company is committed to developing a variety of robotic solutions that tackle specific challenges, with an ultimate goal to integrate these technologies into people’s daily lives and support different sectors such as healthcare, smart city and logistics.

RV Technology was recently awarded a Certificate of Merit for the Smart Living Award in the Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards. It creates technological solutions for a range of industries and requirements, including Autonomous Mobility Chair, Transporter, Food and Beverage delivery, and Good-to-Person Smart Warehouse Solutions. 

With the vision of accelerating Australia into a smart city, RV Technology has also launched ARCS - a self-developed Agnostic Robotic Control System powered by Microsoft Azure’s cloud technology. Today, ARCS is adopted in the fields of rehabilitation and healthcare, providing more autonomous and refined care services, as well as easing the burden of healthcare professionals with the help of smart technologies.

It is the company’s aim to encourage more university graduates to join the robotic and automation industries to improve hi-tech employment in Australia. The company is undertaking joint research and development programs with South Australian universities and aged care facilities to develop Autonomous Mobile Robots and Agnostic Robotic Control System (ARCS) in order to help further expand the Australian robotic ecosystem.

The company will focus on delivering robotics solutions to local businesses and industries, particularly in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, aviation, manufacturing and logistics. It will also invest in research and development, which will provide a boost to the Australian robotic ecosystem and drive the development of innovative robotic solutions.

“We are thrilled to announce the establishment of our new R&D facility in Australia,” said Rio Chau, CEO of RV Technology.

“The South Australian Landing Pad from the South Australian Government is a testament to our commitment to delivering people-centric robotics solutions to our clients worldwide.

“We look forward to contributing to the growth of the Australian robotics industry and transform Australia through the power of RV’s robots and ARCS platform.”

A recipient of the South Australian Landing Pad, the program supports companies looking to make their first investment in the Asia Pacific region, Australia or South Australia while helping to stimulate the economy, create jobs and grow new industries.

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