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South Australia is leading the nation in how we have responded to COVID-19. Given our position, South Australia can bounce back quicker than many other parts of the world.

South Australia can be positioned as an investment destination to commence business operations, in a safe health environment. In addition, South Australia can use its position to engage quicker with international markets through trade. This presents opportunities with international students, as well as in tourism, when those activities commence more normally. Whilst tourism is likely to focus on opportunities within South Australia for now, when travel restrictions are lifted, South Australia is positioned globally as being safe and open for business.

The Growth State Plan is continuing, and the emphasis remains the nine priority sectors of the economy where South Australia has competitive advantage. Competing where we have this competitive advantage remains our focus for export and investment performance.

Also, the drivers for growth hold true: high paying sustainable jobs, value added products and service industries, attracting young wealth creators, and building export industries productivity, efficiency and capacity.

Obviously COVID-19 has significantly impacted our economy. Consequently, all nine priority sectors are working hard to consider impediments and opportunities in relation to recovery and growth.

We are always open to considering new export markets. There are lots of sectors and subsectors which have already experienced growth on the back of COVID-19. This includes areas within health and medical industries, and creative industries in subsectors such as gaming and e-sports.

In a post COVID-19 world, leveraging South Australia as a safe place to come and live, visit, study and work will be incredibly important.

The Growth State Plan identifies the hi-tech sector as one of the nine sectors where South Australia has competitive advantage. South Australia has a stable and high-quality work force, key ingredients that the hi-tech sector and start-ups can take advantage of.

The increasing demand for cloud infrastructure and associated cybersecurity aligns to where South Australia has capability. The speed of digital transformation will increase due to COVID-19, and demand for cloud infrastructure, cyber security and developers, will also see data analytics become more important (AI, Machine Learning and HPC).

There are fast emerging opportunities for the hi-tech sector, such as leveraging e-work and virtual communications solutions providers and related cyber security products and services. There are links to the defence industries, with opportunities for integration into global supply chains for local suppliers. The space sector also has opportunities that are linked, including launch capability, launch vehicle manufacture, related launch propellent supply, and nano and small satellite manufacture.

My department can assist companies wanting to establish in South Australia and I encourage anyone to reach out for further information.


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