Department of State Development

I am an emerging exporter. Is my business eligible for the Global Expansion Program? 

Yes, as long as you can demonstrate that you are an established South Australian company (operating for at least 36 months or more) and have exported previously (even in a sporadic/infrequent manner). 

Does the Global Expansion Program support startups? 

Although there is no FTE or turnover requirement to be eligible for the Program, the target of the Program is on those South Australian businesses who have a strong local footprint, are on a growth trajectory and have exported to date (even in a sporadic/infrequent manner). 

Can the Global Expansion Program funding be used to protect trademarks overseas? 

Yes, as long as the business review to be undertaken as part of the Program identifies that it is one of the significant export barriers that you are currently facing and that addressing the issue will have a relatively significant impact in terms of accelerating your export growth. 

Can businesses headquartered interstate or overseas, but operating in South Australia, apply for funding? 

Yes, as long as you have been established in South Australia generating revenue for at least 36 months to date. 

I am a foreign national living or working in South Australia. Am I eligible to apply? 

You must have an ABN with evidence that your company has been established in South Australia, generating revenue for at least 36 months to date. 

Can I apply more than once in the same grant round? 

There is only one EOI call for one grant round. If you submit an EOI application which is unsuccessful, you are eligible to apply again in the subsequent rounds. If you are successfully shortlisted and receive free business reviews but are not successful to receive grant funding, you can be reconsidered for the subsequent rounds if you request DTI, in writing, for reconsideration and there is no major change in your export plan in the subsequent rounds.

Do I need an ABN to apply for a grant? 

Yes, you must provide an ABN to be eligible and participate in the Program. 

Who will assess my application? 

An independent panel from the Department for Trade and Investment and other government agencies will be formed to assess EOI applications. 

How competitive are your grant rounds? 

The Program adopts a competitive application process, where EOI applications are assessed on merit by DTI. Please see the program guidelines for further information. 

The final decision on grant recipients will be made by DTI based on the business review results provided by an external provider. 

When will I be notified about the outcome of my application? 

The EOI application process is scheduled to commence in mid-November 2020 and will remain open for three weeks. The application outcomes will be notified around mid-December 2020. 

Will DTI contact me if there are problems/questions about my application? 

Yes, DTI will request clarifying information from an applicant if required to undertake EOI assessments. 

What is the online grants management system that DTI is using? 

DTI is using Tactiv’s online grants management system called Enquire, which is an Australian cloud-based software as a service. 

Is Enquire secure? 

Enquire is an online, secure, stable system that uses leading edge, standards-based protocols to provide authentication. 

Is my personal information safe on Enquire? 

Data provided by you within Enquire are secured in transit and at rest using the highest encryption levels available. Enquire data services are located within Sydney, Australia. 

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble using or submitting through the grant portal? 

Enquire Cloud Support Portal hosts knowledge-base articles that you can refer to when completing registration, applications and activities in Enquire. If you have any technical difficulties in accessing or using the online application platform, please contact DTI via email at

My application form will be in English, but do you accept support materials in languages other than English (LOTE)? 

No, your application must be submitted in English. 

Can I send an application by post? 

No, your application must be submitted online via DTI website on Any material received by post will not be assessed and will be returned to the sender. If you think you will have difficulty submitting your application online, please contact DTI directly on or (08) 8303 2400. 

How can I get assistance with my application? 

Before you start the online application on DTI website, you will need details about your business at hand, including your ABN, turnover and FTE numbers, recent growth history, etc. Please check the program guidelines and a list of information required for eligibility checks and selection criteria. If you have any technical difficulty in using the online application platform, please contact DTI directly on or (08) 8303 2400. 

Can I appeal the decision in relation to the outcome of a selection process? 

DTI does not have an appeal mechanism for unsuccessful applicants. If an applicant is dissatisfied with the way an application has been handled by DTI, they can first contact DTI in writing and lodge a complaint vie email at The complaint will be reviewed by one or more independent areas of DTI. 

What assistance can I receive if accepted into the program? 

Once you are shortlisted by DTI after the EOI application process, you will receive free business reviews by an external provider who is selected by DTI. A report of the business review results will be provided to each participant. Grant funding of up to A$50,000 per participant will be made available to address impediments to export growth identified by the business reviews, but the grant will be provided only after the business reviews are complete and final Program participants are selected by DTI based on the review results. 

Can I get funding assistance to use service providers I already have worked with? 

Yes, you can choose to access export services provided by those you have already worked with, but the service providers must be approved by DTI, and the funding assistance must address the gaps identified by the business reviews. The service providers must demonstrate capability and experience in the identified areas to provide support to you.

Can I get support funding for operational expenses including organisational administration costs (e.g. rental, staff costs, travel costs)? 

No. Any services that are not direct export support services including operational expenses for your routine business export activities are not eligible under the Program. This program focuses on export-capability building, and hence the funding will only be provided to support South Australian companies build their export capability, rather than assisting with operational activities. However, if you do need funding to cover administration costs directly related to the delivery of your project, you can include them as part of the grant activities. 

When will I receive payment of the grant if my application is successful? 

The grant of up to A$50,000 per participant will be made available following finalisation of the business review process and signing of grant agreements with successful applicants. This will be around the second quarter of 2021. The exact amount to be granted will be determined based on a quote or quotes from service providers selected by participants and approved by DTI. 

DTI will make an upfront payment of 90% of the grant. The remaining 10% of the grant will be paid to the participant at the end of the grant period following the grant acquittal. The participant must repay all unexpended grant moneys to DTI during the grant acquittal process. 

What documents/report/receipts will be required for the grant acquittal process? 

You will be required to submit a tax invoice from selected service provider(s) with respect to the eligible service specified in your action plans well as a receipt from the service provider(s) confirming your payment of the eligible service. As evidence of the use of the grant, you will be required to submit a report on the eligible service accessed through the funding. 

Will receiving a grant affect my tax and/or Centrelink payment? 

Grants can be considered income by Centrelink. Applicants should contact Centrelink on 13 28 50 for advice. Grants may also have taxation implications for you. Consider seeking independent taxation and financial advice from a suitably qualified professional before submitting your EOI application. 

Should I include GST in my budget? 

The GST component of incurred expenses for eligible services can be claimed under the Program provided that you are GST-registered. 

Can I include disability access costs in my budget? 

Yes. To ensure that the accessibility of eligible services to every grant recipient, DTI recognises that funding may be required for access costs incurred by recipients with disability, or for costs associated with working with those with disability. Access costs can be included and budgeted in your grant activities.

What are the key dates for the program? 

The first call for EOIs is now open, closing on 11 December 2020. The notification of EOI outcomes will be sent to applicants by the end of the year. Business reviews are scheduled for early 2021 with a final decision on grant funding for the first round to be made in summer/autumn 2021.