Department of State Development

The Department for Trade and Investment is working with AUSVEG SA and AUSVEG to leverage international horticulture buyers attending Hort Connections (15-17 June) to visit South Australia for a 2-day program prior to returning home. The inbound program will provide delegates with introductions and insights into South Australia’s horticulture industry.


Support provided by the South Australian Government

Subject to this inbound visit going ahead, AUSVEG SA, AUSVEG and the Department for Trade and Investment will develop a tailored program for the international horticultural buyers to connect with South Australian companies.

Where applicable, South Australian businesses wishing to participate in this business mission will have to cover their own travel expenses.


Mission information

15 to 17 June 2020, Adelaide 

Event website Hort Connections

No Expression of Interest, invite only: Targeted invitation only for inbound delegates.

Led by AUSVEG, AUSVEG SA and Department for Trade and Investment