Roads and place names

Roads (opening and closing)

The closing of public roads in South Australia is regulated by the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991 (the Act). Some public roads may also be opened under the Act. The process is managed by the local council for the area and the Surveyor-General ensures the process complies with the Act.

A 28-day public consultation process happens where people who are impacted by a road opening or closure can lodge an objection against the road being closed or make an application for easement rights.

View current Road Opening and Closing proposals and guidelines outlining the process on the SA GOV website.

Place and road naming

The naming of geographical places in South Australia is regulated by the Geographical Names Act 1991 (the Act). Under the Act, interested people can make submissions on proposed name changes.

Local councils have guidelines to help select suitable road names and types, and how they can be set or changed.
Road names

Public roads are the responsibility of the local councils. They name and maintain all public roads, including:

  • roads
  • streets
  • laneways
  • walkways
  • right of way thoroughfares.
Rural property addressing

Rural property addressing provides all occupied rural properties, homes and businesses, with a numbered property address consistent with the national standards for Australia and New Zealand.
View the completed official rural addressing road maps for each rural council area and state region.

Indigenous naming documents

Approval process for Indigenous naming proposals
Download PDF | 233 KB

Frequently asked questions for Indigenous place naming
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Indigenous place naming information fact sheet
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The principles of Indigenous naming
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