Department of State Development

27 Sep 2019 International education

JLL report outlines future accommodation needs for international students

South Australia’s future accommodation needs for the growing demand from international students has been outlined in a report released today commercial real estate firm JLL.

Commissioned by the South Australian Government, the report outlines the current demand and supply landscape for purpose-built student accommodation for international students in Adelaide city and surrounding suburbs including Mawson Lakes and Bedford Park/Tonsley.

JLL’s report shows that the Adelaide student accommodation market is operating at 85-95% occupancy, suggesting that current supply is meeting demand.

Accounting for reasonable future growth in demand, the JLL report forecasts that by 2030 up to an additional 2,550 beds will be required in the Adelaide CBD, up to an additional 1,400 will be required in Bedford Park/Tonsley, and up to an additional 290 beds will be required in Mawson Lakes.

Work is underway with eight new purpose-built student accommodation projects set to be completed in the Adelaide CBD before 2022, with a total development value of $525 million providing more than 4,200 beds.

Download a copy of the report