Department of State Development

06 Jun 2019 Hi-tech

Industry interest groups to drive uptake of emerging technologies

South Australian companies will be able to share knowledge and experience to drive the uptake of emerging technologies under a new initiative set-up by the South Australian Government.

Emerging Technology Interest Group’s will be established around virtual reality; machine learning, additive manufacturing and data-driven decision-making and leverage the expertise of South Australian universities and lead researchers.

The evolution towards Industry 4.0 represents several unique challenges for South Australian businesses, including access to knowledge and independent advice, strategic view of technology, digital maturity and access to the necessary skills.

The idea is to build closer connections between advanced manufacturers and provide a platform for companies to share their experiences and help accelerate the uptake of new technologies.

This initiative is the next phase of a pilot project run with Flinders University in setting up a Robotics and Automation Interest Group.