Department of State Development

12 Oct 2019 Investment

Adelaide to host 2020 Australia-Japan Joint Business Conference

Adelaide has successfully secured the opportunity to host the 2020 Australia-Japan Business Cooperation Committee (AJBCC) and its counterpart - Japan Australia Business Co-operation Committee (JABCC)’s Joint Business Conference.

The conference brings many of each nation’s largest companies and most influential executives together and is expected to increase visibility of South Australia in Japan, bringing significant opportunities for engagement and business.

South Australia shares a long history of engagement with Japan; the state’s sister-state agreement with Okayama Prefecture spans more than a quarter of a century and more South Australian schools teach Japanese than any other language.

Japan is South Australia’s third source of foreign direct investment by Capex and fourth by jobs created – creating 1,948 jobs and investing A$2.7 billion since 2003.