Land division approvals

As delegate of the State Planning Commission (SPC), the Planning Services Unit are responsible for approving land division applications and issuing Certificates of Approval (CoA).

Property Interest Reports

A Property Interest Report (PIR) / Form 1 can be purchased online through SAILIS and provides information necessary for the completion of a Vendor's Statement.

A PIR / Form 1 will show:

  • title and valuations details
  • any registered or unregistered documents lodged within the last 90 days on the property
  • a copy of a register search for the certificate of title
  • any government interests associated with the land.

The following certificates will be posted to the person buying the PIR / Form 1:

  • certificate of Emergency Services Levy
  • certificate of land tax payable
  • certificate of water and sewerage charges and encumbrances.

For samples of these documents contact Land Services SA.

Agency contact details

A range of state government interests may be associated with a property. A PIR / Form 1 may indicate that further details are available from an individual agency and the agencies will be automatically notified.

Agencies usually respond within eight working days of a property interest report being generated. Agency's details are available from Land Services SA.

Subdividing land

The process for subdividing land can be time-consuming, complex and expensive. You can submit a development application yourself however as this is a complex process it is strongly recommended you engage a professional licensed surveyor and a conveyancer or solicitor to:

  • help explain the land division process
  • determine the planning and development requirements
  • draft plans
  • lodge all applications and necessary paperwork
  • monitor the progress of the application.

Open space contributions

Subdivisions of land into a large number of allotments must set aside at least 12.5% of the land for use by the general community, for example, as a park or green space.

For smaller subdivisions this is impractical and a payment of an ‘open space contribution’ fee in lieu of physical space may be paid instead. The fee is based on the number of additional allotments being created and the current fee for each allotment as set by regulation. These fees are held in the Planning and Development Fund which provides grants to improve access to public open spaces.

Contact Office of the Surveyor-General