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Australia's space home

Opportunities abound in Australia’s emerging space state. Home to the Australian Space Agency, Australian Space Discovery Centre, national Mission Control Centre and the nation’s largest space research program. South Australia has over 80 space organisations, companies and institutions, with a workforce of more than 1,200.The state has one of the highest concentrations of space and defence-related organisations in Australia, with some of the fastest-growing start-ups and companies, including Myriota, Fleet Space Technologies and Inovor Space Technologies. South Australia has the highest share of the nation’s civil space inbound investment, with major Tier 1 defence companies.

Across the industry, discover our numerous advantages. From the localised design and manufacture of nanosatellites, to the launching of rockets with payloads from the world’s largest privately owned sub-orbital test range. Our IoT efficiency offers greater access to decision-making data in areas such as mining, agriculture, transportation and defence. South Australian developed space-based technologies are enabling industries to forge ahead. Start collaborating with change-makers and innovators today.

Australia’s space home


Credit Southern Launch

Australia's first orbital launch facility

Discover hi-tech rocket launch facilities with Australia’s first, and the world’s largest, privately owned sub-orbital test range - and an orbital launch site in development.

The South Australian Government is supporting private company, Southern Launch, to develop Australia’s first Sun Synchronous and Polar Orbit Launch facility for small launch vehicles. To increase the scope of opportunity for both industry and government projects, two launch sites are in development to support both orbital and sub-orbital launches, along with Australia’s first Mission Control Centre, in supporting satellite missions. Here, companies and researchers will be able to control small satellite missions and gain access to space-enabled data. It will also support national and international projects led by the Australian Space Agency.

With a long and established heritage in space ground operations, many world leading organisations and companies such as BAE Systems, Cobham Aviation Services and Lockheed Martin operate out of Adelaide. This international expertise is backed by home grown talent from companies such as Nova Systems. Nova Systems has developed its own natively produced NOVA IGS Network, which delivers space to ground connectivity through a new ground station located in Peterborough, regional South Australia.



Nanosatellite innovator

South Australia is steadily building the capability to design and manufacture small satellites and related space technologies. As one of the fastest growing segments of the global space industry, more international heavyweights are recognising the need to leverage South Australia’s ecosystem and its aligned advantages.

Italian satellite company, SITAEL, has recently established a presence in South Australia, and Neumann Space is developing cutting edge propulsion systems for small satellites.

Credit Myriota satellite in situ


Industrial and commercial IoT efficiency

Leverage the nanosatellite revolution and access the IoT efficiency momentum, with South Australian developed space-based technologies. Areas like mining, agriculture, transportation, and of course defence are accessing greater decision-making data and remote exploration capabilities via improved IoT connectivity. South Australia is proudly home to two of the world’s leading industrial IoT companies – Fleet Space Technologies and Myriota.

South Australia has a strong competitive advantage in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics; with at least 24 research labs and a large number of private companies actively involved in AI-based research and development, including:

  • Presagen (AI and Human Behaviour)
  • Consilium (AI and Machine learning for modelling and simulation)
  • SAGE Automation (Manufacturing systems).

South Australia is a national leader in IoT and smart connectivity. Our ‘connectivity ecosystem’ continues to thrive, with technologies for robotisation and automation; simulation, virtual reality and 3D mapping software; new energy storage technology; data analytics, cyber security, artificial intelligence and machine learning; and communications systems and advanced sensor devices. Companies include SAGE Automation, Cohda Wireless, SIEMENS, Telstra, Tesla, BAE Systems Australia, Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems, Schneider Electric and many more.


Collaboration is in our DNA

Collaboration is in our DNA here in South Australia. You will have access to some of the best innovation precincts where high-profile businesses, academia, industry bodies and government are co-located and working together.

South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC)

In September 2017 the South Australian Government created the South Australian Space Industry Centre(SASIC) to drive space industry innovation, research and entrepreneurial development. SASIC is a cross-government group, working with key stakeholders to grow the state’s space economy. The Centre supports numerous industry initiatives, including a dedicated space incubator program, scholarships for graduates, internships within Australia and a work experience program for South Australian high school students. SASIC has developed the Space Innovation Fund - a A$4 million fund, that aims to support potential entrepreneurs and space orientated start-ups through a number of initiatives. The vision and mission of the South Australian Space Industry Centre is articulated in the South Australian Growth State Space Sector Plan 2020-2030.



Lot Fourteen

An innovation neighbourhood in the heart of Adelaide, Lot Fourteen is focused on growing the industries of the future, from space and defence to cyber security, machine learning, health and medical. A state-of-the-art facility, hosting innovators and pioneers in emerging industries, backed by both the South Australian and Federal Governments. Lot Fourteen provides unique opportunities to partner with ground-breaking companies and is the perfect location to grow with our burgeoning defence and space industries.

Australian Space Agency

After selecting Adelaide as its preferred headquarters, the Australian Space Agency opened its state-of-the-art facilities at Lot Fourteen in February 2020. The Australian Space Agency is responsible for the whole-of-government coordination of civil space matters. Through the agency, Australia aims to significantly grow its market segment from 10,000 jobs and a market size of $3.9 billion, to up to another 20,000 jobs and $12 billion by 2030.

SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)

The $245 million SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is the biggest space industry-research collaboration in Australia, and works with over 85 industry and academic partners on advanced systems, communications and earth observation technologies. It connects government, industry and researchers to build upon existing space capabilities across smart satellites, communications and earth observation analytics. This national research powerhouse brings together more than 85 international and national partners who have invested over A$190 million. Together with A$55 million in Federal Government support, the SmartSat CRC represents a A$245 million research effort over 7 years.

Mission Control Centre 

The Mission Control Centre, to be co-located with the Australian Space Agency at Lot Fourteen, will be a focal point for space missions in Australia. The centre will provide the facilities for space start-ups, companies and researchers to control small satellite missions. This will enable real-time control and testing, and the accelerated development of Australian satellite technology.

Australian Space Discovery Centre

The Australian Space Discovery Centre will provide science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, engagement and inspiration for young Australians. The centre will offer visitors a chance to learn about mission control functions, as well as host activities such as mission simulation and training for tertiary education.

Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML)

World-leading research capability at the University of Adelaide, which has the highest number of machine learning researchers of any university in Australia and the largest AI facility in Australia. Led by partners with world-leading companies like Lockheed Martin to develop hi-tech products and solutions using artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning, and working with companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, BHP Billiton, Bayer, Samsung, BAE Systems and Google. Relative to machine learning, AIML has consistently been rated third globally, particularly within machine vision. The institute is led by Anton van den Hengel, the director of Applied Science at Amazon.

Stone & Chalk Startup Hub

Comprising 43 companies and 143 desks, Stone & Chalk is shaping the future of emerging tech sectors. Catalysing commercial success across their impact network, Stone & Chalk provide a full-service model of innovation services to early stage technology companies, corporate’s and government.

Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C)

A3C was established through a A$10 million investment to help businesses address common cyber challenges. It is the first centre of its kind in Australia, bringing together research, training, industry and business sectors in a not for profit, collaboration-focused organisation. The A3C has been established together with industry, academia, and federal and state governments, including BAE Systems Australia, Optus, Dtex Systems, University of South Australia, Flinders University, The University of Adelaide, TAFE SA, South Australia’s Office for Cyber Security, AustCyber, the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre, and the Federal Government’s Defence Science and Technology Group (DST).

MIT Bigdata Living Lab

The MIT Bigdata Living Lab allows players from private, public and research sectors to analyse big data; providing members of the MIT community appropriate access to their own data. It also demonstrates best practices for collecting and managing information. The MIT BigData Living Lab utilises MIT’s world leading secure data analysis tools and methodology to ensure data privacy is maintained. This ensures private and public organisations will be able to safely and securely analyse data to identify growth opportunities, and improve government decision making and improve socioeconomic outcomes. This is MIT’s first lab in Australia.

Tonsley Innovation District

Located just 10 kilometres South of Adelaide’s CBD, Tonsley is home to over 1,700 employees working across co-working spaces, smaller and larger tenancies, or larger allotments such as Siemens Energy or Hydrogen Park SA. Add to that some 8,000 students going through the site each year to TAFE SA and Flinders University. There is a lot of activity and innovation within the district.

Under the umbrella of high-value manufacturing, Tonsley Innovation District targets four focus sectors that reflect South Australia’s economic strengths and opportunities:

  • Cleantech and renewable energy
  • Health, medical devices and assistive technologies
  • Mining and energy services
  • Automation, software and simulation.

Credit Technology Park

Technology Park

Technology Park Adelaide is an established and thriving business hub, with a broad portfolio of technology, defence and training businesses that are growing every year. The precinct is situated alongside the Australian Institute of Telecommunications Research, and the International Space University’s Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program.

Connect at 10 gigabits

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network that is being rolled out to commercial buildings across the City of Adelaide. The network enables businesses and organisations to share and receive high volumes of data at phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds.

In addition, GigCity Adelaide allows businesses access to affordable internet, with speeds from one gigabit right up to 10 gigabit at GigCity locations across Adelaide and the regions, that includes Lot Fourteen, Technology Park and Tonsley Innovation District.


Cutting-edge research and training

The University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and Flinders University are our three globally recognised public universities, which all have a strong focus on space training, research and commercialisation. In addition, our universities’ institutes are making globally significant contributions in their field, including but not limited to:

The University of Adelaide's Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) 

The Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) is a world class research institute in materials science, chemistry, biology and physics and develops disruptive new tools for measurement. Their research in advanced manufacturing has application for the space industry, including telecommunications, quantum computing and fibre optics. They are rated as an ‘above world standard’ institute. 

University of South Australia's Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR)

Based at a University of South Australia campus, The Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR) is an internationally recognised research organisation, specialising in research, education, and technology development for wireless communications; with fixed, mobile, satellite and terrestrial applications. ITR conducts its research in areas including satellite communications, high speed data communications and flexible radios.

Project highlights include new space-based techniques for next-generation satellite communications and new coding methods for mobile wireless systems to improve bandwidth and power efficiency.

Flinders University's Australian Centre for Innovative Manufacturing 

Flinders University is building a A$50 million Australian Centre for Innovative Manufacturing, Australia’s first reconfigurable “Future Factory” and a dedicated 4,000 square metre site for Australian companies to test state-of-the-art production technology. The project is a joint collaboration with Sheffield University Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, and works with University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC).

ITR’s ground station facilities are made available for both research and commercial purposes, and include:

  • A X-Band Satellite Reception Facility
  • A L-Band and S-Band Reception Facility
  • A VHF and UHF Transmission and Reception Facility.

The University of Adelaide’s Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources

The Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources (ATCSR)  is the University of Adelaide’s hub of sustainable planetary resource research and education, building a unique ecosystem for space resources, research and commercialisation. It is focused on identifying solutions and developing technologies supporting sustainable, self-sufficient resource exploration, extraction, processing and utilisation in extreme environments - on and off planet Earth.



In good company

From global companies to SMEs and ground-breaking startups, here are just some of the space companies that call South Australia home:

  • Sitael
  • Lux
  • Leonardo
  • Sypaq
  • Southern Launch
  • Myriota
  • Toolcraft
  • ASA
  • Silentium
  • Inovor Technologies
  • Neumann Space
  • Fleet Space
  • Saber Astronautics

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