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This is the chance for people and companies from all over the globe to discover South Australia’s truly remarkable hi-tech capabilities.

You can see some of the brightest people in machine learning and cyber security anywhere in the world and learn why more and more organisations are choosing Adelaide, South Australia, as the ideal base to grow their technology business.

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Watch some of the brightest people in AI and cyber security discuss the latest trends and where these crucial industries are headed.



The critical importance of leveraging and protecting data, it is a game changer

with Jason Whyte, Optus-Trustwave, and Paul Rybicki, DSpark (a Singtel Company) 28 May 2020

Ag Sync up - How to leverage the opportunity of best practice demo farms

with Austrade and PIRSA
27 May 2020

South Australia - Frontier Technology and Minding the Gap

by South Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Caroline McMillen
26 May 2020


Why now, and why AI?  SA’s opportunity in the global economy

with Australian Institute for Machine Learning Professor Anton van den Hengel
22 May 2020

Cyber COVID-19 impacts & opportunity for digital infrastructure

with VeroGuard Systems Mr Nic Nuske
20 May 2020
Sandy Pentland

Building the New Economy in Adelaide

with MIT Connection Science Professor Alexander (Sandy) Pentland
14 May 2020

Malaysia Global In-Market Webinar – AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and Smart Cities

with Adil Akbar, Senior Business Development Manager for South Australia
14 May 2020

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Innovation for consumers

with TravelbyBit and Binance Lite’s Co-founder Caleb Yeoh
12 May 2020

How we leapt to the future

Our state has world-class capabilities in data analytics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, which is also powering sophistication in industries such as health, renewable energy, defence, space, food, agribusiness and advanced manufacturing.

South Australia has demonstrated a rare ability to rapidly scale to meet the skilled workforce needs of global technology companies, and provides the infrastructure, safety and security from which you can transform your business and grow over the next decade.

South Australia, and our capital Adelaide, is one of the best places in the world for an organisation to explore and prepare for the coming transformation of technology and work in an uncertain world.


Solving big problems with AI

In the scramble for AI research and talent, South Australia offers global companies a unique opportunity with first pick of world standard graduates and the opportunity to partner with local universities at the cutting-edge of machine learning. A presence in Adelaide opens access to growing AI opportunities in our flourishing space, defence, renewables, health and advanced manufacturing sectors.

We are home to the Australian Institute of Machine Learning, a world-leading machine learning research capability and the University of Adelaide which has the highest number of machine learning researchers of any university in Australia.


We are the only Australian state to have a globally unique collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology, government and business with Adelaide's BigData Living Lab – which is using data analytics to shape future planning decisions.



Cyber security

Keeping it safe, secure and highly-skilled

Adelaide is Australia’s centre for cyber security, defence technology research, and electronic surveillance capabilities. The state is leading the region in tackling the supply of skills and capability. Adelaide, building on its commitment to the defence, space and other hi-tech industries, is establishing itself as a highly resilient and security driven ecosystem.

We’re home to the Australian Cybersecurity Collaboration Centre, supporting startups, scale-ups and existing businesses to launch new products and services into global markets

Adelaide is the headquarters for the majority of the nation's defence cyber industry and technology research, development and investment including the Australian Defence Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance & Electronic Warfare capability and the Centre for Centre for Defence Industry Capability.

South Australia is the first state to have a co-located Joint Cyber Security Centre and AustCyber (Industry Growth Network) Node, which will serve as a model for the rest of the country.

South Australian universities have strong software and cyber programs including Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute Asia-Pacific, headquartered in Adelaide. Cyber security is a core component of the government’s  A$203 million Skilling South Australia initiative.


Collaboration is in our DNA

Lot Fourteen

An innovation neighbourhood in the heart of Adelaide, Lot Fourteen is focused on growing the industries of the future, from space and defence to cyber security, machine learning, health, and medical. It’s home to the Australian Space Agency as well as a suite of ground-breaking companies.


Tonsley Innovation District

Tonsley is successfully attracting high-profile investors including Siemens, ZEISS and SAGE Group as well as research, development and training from Flinders University and TAFE SA.


Technology Park

Home to over 100 high technology companies in the defence and aerospace, health, training, engineering, advanced electronics and ICT sectors, ranging from global companies to established SMEs and one-person startup companies, Technology Park Adelaide provides continual opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Defence Super Cluster

Including Edinburgh Defence Precinct and the Osborne Naval Shipyards, South Australia is home to some of the world’s largest defence and aerospace companies including BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Airbus.

In addition, we’re the headquarters for the majority of the nation's defence cyber industry and technology research, development and investment.

Connect at 10 Gigabits

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network that is being rolled out to commercial buildings across the City of Adelaide. The network enables businesses and organisations to share and receive high volumes of data at phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds.

In addition, GigCity Adelaide allows businesses access to affordable internet with speeds from one gigabit right up to 10 gigabit at GigCity locations across Adelaide and the regions, that includes Lot Fourteen, Technology Park and Tonsley Innovation District.

Cutting-edge research and training

University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and the University of South Australia are our three, globally-recognised public universities which all have a strong focus on hi-tech training, research and commercialisation, including dedicated programs across machine learning and cyber security.

In addition, our universities’ institutes are making globally-significant contributions in their field, including:

Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Future Industries Institute

Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology

Institute for Photonics and Advance Sensing

Medical Device Research Institute

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Waite Research Institute

In good company

From global companies to SMEs and ground-breaking startups, here are just some of the hi-tech companies that call South Australia home:

  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • Airlock Digital
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Babcock International Group
  • BAE Systems
  • Blue Crystal Solutions
  • Boeing Defence Australia
  • CQR
  • CyberOps
  • Dassault Systems
  • Datacom
  • Dimension Data
  • DTEX Systems
  • DXC Technology
  • Ellex Medical Lasers
  • HCL Technology Australia
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • IBM
  • Inovor Technologies
  • Internode
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Microsoft
  • Micro-X
  • Myriota
  • Naval Group
  • NEC
  • Nova Systems
  • OpSys Australia
  • Raytheon Australia
  • Rigetti
  • SAAB Automation
  • Southern Launch
  • Sonnen
  • Siemens 
  • Technicolor
  • Tesla
  • Tyvak
  • Ultra Electronics Australia
  • Vectra
  • VeroGuard


AIML - Machine Learning and Defence

The Australian Institute for Machine Learning is working with the defence sector on how to make the best decisions in rapidly changing scenarios.



Our Money Market: Leveraging data and latest technology

Adelaide-based company Our Money Market is leveraging data and the latest technology to provide a better deal on finance for their customers.

It all happens in South Australia

MIT’s Living Lab has arrived

  • World-leading university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has arrived in Adelaide, and is settling into its new home at innovation precinct Lot Fourteen. Read more

Space agency HQ launches fuels industry momentum in Adelaide

  • More than 1000 global space leaders including NASA representatives and the president of the Italian Space Agency are in Adelaide today for an industry forum as the local sector continues to gain momentum. Read more 

Launching Australia’s first digital shipbuilding class

  • Australia is launching its first digital shipbuilding course to ensure the nation’s workforce is ready to tackle the $35 billion frigates program. Read more 

Hong Kong tech firm chooses South Australia to set-up

  • Hong Kong tech firm CVX Semiconductor, will launch a South Australian operation after being awarded a coveted place in the South Australian Landing Pad (SALP) program. Read more 

Using artificial intelligence to beat cancer

  • Researchers proving how machine learning can help detect dangerous polyps. Read more 

NewSpace companies agree to launch first payload from South Australia

  • Electronic warfare company DEWC Systems will use a new Southern Launch facility to test its technology for the Royal Australian Air Force. Read more

Making music with Voog the AI singing keyboard

  • Australian Institute of Machine Learning creates an AI keyboard that creates its own lyrics. Read more

Electronic warfare satellite project enters second phase

  • South Australian electronic warfare company DEWC Systems has been awarded a $3.1 million contract to advance its space tactical sensor system for the Australian Defence Force. Read more

3D-printed body parts set for surgical training ramp up

  • A South Australian company that manufactures 3D-printed medical training devices is set to embark on a $10 million capital raising campaign so it can ramp up production post coronavirus. Read more

Space to help AgTech sector take-off in South Australia

  • Strong space and defence industries in South Australia are helping the formation of a potentially nation-leading AgTech ecosystem. Read more

Coronavirus drives sales of hi-tech mobile x-ray units

  • Coronavirus continues to drive sales into Asia and Europe for South Australian hi-tech x-ray manufacturer Micro-X. Read more

Flying car race series attracts investment

  • A South Australian company that is building a manned multicopter to compete in its flying electric car racing series has secured seed funding from leading technology venture capital firms. Read more

Adelaide’s space innovation challenge expands to UK

  • An Australian space innovation program with the backing of Amazon and Deloitte will be expanded to the United Kingdom this year. Read more

Hi-tech armour manufacturer lands first commercial contract

  • A new advanced fabrication centre in South Australia has won a contract to manufacture ballistic armour for a specialist Australian law enforcement unit. Read more

Aussies chopper in on Norway defence market

  • Nova Group is growing its global reach after winning a $25.9 million Norwegian defence contract to support a maritime helicopter program. Read more

Software monitors wellbeing of work from homers

  • Interest in new software designed to monitor the wellbeing and social connectedness of employees working from home is on the rise as companies look for ways to engage with staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Hi-tech defence component manufacturer launches Adelaide site

  • 3D printing company Amaero International has launched its new South Australian manufacturing site in Adelaide’s north. Read more

Nova Group makes space to grow

  • Global defence company Nova Group is maintaining its projections of over $200 million revenue this financial year with longer-term goals to continue expanding its global reach. Read more

Myriota raises $28 million to fund global expansion

  • South Australian satellite connectivity company Myriota has raised A$28 million in Series B funding to bolster its satellite network and increase its workforce by 2022. Read more

Getting junk out of space

  • A crack Australian team is using machine learning to tackle the threat of space junk wrecking new satellites. Read more

Protecting top wines from counterfeiters

  • High-tech tracking and blockchain data is guarding Australia’s premium wine industry from fakes. Read more

Elite sports app takes leap into home offices

  • Software that supports the world’s best athletes is undergoing a makeover to support staff working from home. Read more

Mirror finding ripples in time

  • Australian researchers create new tools to detect gravitational waves. Read more

Online platform helps real estate agents work through pandemic

  • Interest in a South Australian online real estate platform that reduces the need for face-to-face interactions between agents and clients is skyrocketing as the latest COVID-19 restrictions force the industry to rely on digital services. Read more

Pandemic drone could detect virus symptoms in crowds

  • A drone to remotely detect people in crowds with infectious respiratory conditions such as COVID-19 is being developed by University of South Australia researchers in partnership with a Canadian tech company. Read more

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