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This is a chance for people and companies from all over the globe to discover South Australia’s truly remarkable health and medical capabilities.

You can engage with some of the brightest people in biotech and clinical trials, digital health and innovation in health as well as ageing well and learn why more and more organisations are choosing Adelaide, South Australia, as the ideal base to grow their business.

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Excellence and innovation in health: Let's put imagination to work!

Professor Paddy Phillips, Commissioner and the executive team, Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health
25 June 2020


Sandy Pentland

Adelaide BioMed City: Innovation and translation

Yvette van Eenennaam, Adelaide BioMed City
Professor Steve Wesselingh, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)
Dr Johan Verjans, Australian Institute for Machine Learning
Assoc Professor Ross Smith, Australian Research Centre for Interactive & Virtual Environments for Adelaide BioMed City
25 June 2020



Ageing Well International: Opportunities in ageing well

Luke Westenberg, President, Ageing Well International & Chief Executive Officer, Aged Care Industry Association
24 June 2020



Delivering on the hype: A journey of disruption and diagnosis

Brent Barnes, CEO and Managing Director & Rhys Hill, Research Director, LBT Innovations
23 June 2020



Research and innovation to drive economic growth

Professor Caroline McMillen, Chief Scientist for South Australia
18 June 2020



Digital health: Supporting healthcare teams to personalise care for patients during COVID-19 and beyond

Ken Saman, CEO, Personify Care
17 June 2020



Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP): Facilitating collaborations to develop cutting-edge medical devices

Professor Karen Reynolds
16 June 2020



Solving the big challenge of creating globally scalable AI in a regulated healthcare market

Dr Michelle Perugini, Co-Founder and CEO, Presagen
16 June 2020


Delivering from research to commercialisation

The centrepiece of South Australia’s health and medical industries is Adelaide BioMed City - one of the largest health precincts in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have the proven ability to support successful clinical trials and drive digital health solutions.

Our health & aged care sector - which has grown into a $400 million dollar export industry - provides a solid foundation for developing products and services in ageing well.

We have world leading capabilities in data analytics, machine learning and research that powers sophistication across sectors like health and medical.

As we prepare for the coming technology revolution and work in a changing world, our infrastructure, safety and security provide one of the best places in the world to base your business.

Bio Med City


Seamless end-to-end clinical trials

We’re the ideal place to partner in developing and trialling pharmaceuticals with fast ethics approval through private HRECs, one of the largest Phase I facilities in Australia as well as delivering a full suite of clinical research and bioanalytical services. Local clinical trials are further supported by strong government financial incentives of up to 43.5% cashback for R&D expenses.

In addition, our universities and research institutions have a strong focus on drug development including the University of South Australia’s Centre for Cancer Biology as well as the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.


Ageing well around the world

South Australia has strong capabilities in delivering best practice in treating chronic conditions while galvanising clinician-scientists, consumer groups and health services to support an enviable ageing well sector.

Our universities are at the forefront of finding solutions through institutes like the Global Centre for Modern Ageing and the Centre of Research Excellence in Frailty and Healthy Ageing.

And we have a burgeoning commercial industry, based in Adelaide, helping jurisdictions around the world support their ageing populations, including the industry-driven Ageing Well International globalising local ageing expertise.



Developing medtech and digital health solutions

South Australia provides international medical technology companies with an opportunity to expand their manufacturing footprint, through engaging former automotive industry workers and supply chain companies with ISO 13485 certification

Our universities bring together industry, researchers and clinicians through initiatives like the Medical Device Partnering Program while the Australian Advanced Materials Manufacturing Facility prints complex metal parts of medical and dental devices.

Combined with South Australia’s cost-effectiveness, large talent pool of IT professionals and a growing cluster of start-ups and scale-ups, global digital health companies are able to rapidly establish successful Asia-Pacific operations from South Australia.

Our local ecosystem includes the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, the Digital Health Research Centre, the International Centre for Point-of-care Testing, and the GP Partners network of doctors trialling digital health initiatives. In addition, Adelaide is served with a 10 gigabit fibre network for business.


Collaboration is in our DNA

Developing and enhancing collaborations the industry connectivity initiative (ICI), which will support industry led sector growth.

Lot Fourteen

An innovation neighbourhood in the heart of Adelaide, Lot Fourteen is focused on growing the industries of the future, from space and defence to cyber security, machine learning, health, and medical. It’s home to innovative companies like Life Whisperer employing non-invasive, artificial intelligence driven image analysis for IVF and Presagen creating diagnostic web-based medical imaging software.


Tonsley Innovation District


Tonsley is successfully attracting high-profile investors including Siemens, ZEISS and SAGE Group as well as research, development and training from Flinders University and TAFE SA.

The precinct features the Medical Device Research Institute that’s bringing together industry, researchers and clinicians to develop future medtech solutions.


Connect at 10 Gigabits


Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network that is being rolled out to commercial buildings across the City of Adelaide. The network enables businesses and organisations to share and receive high volumes of data at phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds.

In addition, GigCity Adelaide allows businesses access to affordable internet with speeds from one gigabit right up to 10 gigabit at GigCity locations across Adelaide and the regions, that includes Lot Fourteen, Technology Park and Tonsley Innovation District.


Cutting-edge research and training

University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and the University of South Australia are our three, globally-recognised public universities which all have a strong focus on health and medical training, research and commercialisation.

In addition, our universities’ institutes are making globally-significant contributions in their field, including but not limited to:

Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Cancer Research Institute

Caring Futures Institute

Centre for Cancer Biology

Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute

Future Industries Institute

Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology

Institute for Photonics and Advance Sensing

Medical Device Research Institute

Robinson Research Institute

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Waite Research Institute


Up to 43.5% cashback for R&D expenses

Up to 43.5% of R&D costs will be reimbursed in cash to eligible companies with an aggregated annual turnover of less than A$20 million (approx. US$15 million). A substantial tax offset is offered to all other eligible entities.

Costs covered include clinical trials, analytics, study drug manufacture, prototype manufacturing, the development of new algorithms, and many other types of R&D.

In good company

From global companies to SMEs and ground-breaking startups, here are just some of the health and medical companies that call South Australia home:

  • Alcidion
  • Austofix
  • Avance Clinical and Agilex Biolabs
  • Bionomics
  • Biosensis
  • Brauer
  • Carina Biotech
  • Carl Zeiss Vision
  • CMAX Clinical Research
  • Ellex Medical Lasers
  • LBT Innovations
  • Mayne Pharma
  • Micro-X
  • Personify Care
  • Presagen - Life Whisperer
  • Scientific Sarstedt
  • TGR BioSciences
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Trajan Nutrition
  • Vaxine
  • Yuhan ANZ






It all happens in South Australia

SA to be home for new cancer treatment

  • A new medical development in Adelaide will be home to a proton therapy device that will improve the treatment of tumours as well as cut costs to patients. Read more

1000 construction jobs in pipeline as sod turns for ‘SAHMRI 2’

  • Development begins on the next stage of South Australia’s iconic Health and Biomedical Precinct. Read more

MIT’s Living Lab has arrived

  • World-leading university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has arrived in Adelaide, and is settling into its new home at innovation precinct Lot Fourteen. Read more

New centre to lead world in gene science

  • Scientists will focus on genes to improve cancer treatments and make better wine at a new $7 million research centre in Adelaide, South Australia. Read more 

World-Class COVID-19 testing bolstered

  • Extensive testing for COVID-19 has been a hallmark of South Australia’s strong, decisive response to the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Read more 

Australia joins global research bid to block coronavirus

  • One of South Australia’s top molecular biologists is teaming up with a world leader in artificial intelligence-based drug discovery to find a way to block coronavirus from infecting human cells. Read more 

Home blood testing kits set for UK and European shores

  • As the world searches for better remote health solutions, an Australian blood micro sampling device has been given the all clear to be released in European and British markets. Read more 

Targeting toughest cancers with new treatment

  • In an Australian first, researchers at the South Australian Medical Research Institute are adopting new ways to personalise attacks on bowel cancers that are failing to respond to early treatments. Read more 

Pop-up hospital may be answer to future pandemic needs

  • A South Australian company has launched a portable isolation hospital for widespread medical emergency hotspots to treat patients with respiratory illnesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more 

Solution to chronic pain attracts global interest

  • Global uptake of a suite of South Australian tools to help people living with chronic pain is on the rise following the launch of an online course for clinicians last month. Read more 

Pandemic drone could detect virus symptoms in crowds

  • A drone to remotely detect people in crowds with infectious respiratory conditions such as COVID-19 is being developed by University of South Australia researchers in partnership with a Canadian tech company. Read more 

Hopes rise in mental health trial tackling obesity

  • A pilot therapy trial in Adelaide, South Australia is lifting the veil of depression and anxiety among obese people, boosting hopes for new programs to tackle the global health problemRead more 

Allied health platform offers free telehealth appointments for frontline medical staff

  • The Frontline Healthcare initiative aims to ensure nurses and doctors working during the crisis are taking care of their own wellbeing. Read more 

Using artificial intelligence to beat cancer

  • South Australian researchers are finding new ways to better pinpoint suspicious polyps using artificial intelligence in the fight against deadly bowel cancer. Read more 

Neonatal units helping fight pandemic

  • Project to build a database of infection rates that delivers real time information on patterns of infection in neonatal units. Read more 

Software monitors wellbeing of work from homers

  • Interest in new software designed to monitor the wellbeing and social connectedness of employees working from home is on the rise as companies look for ways to engage with staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more 

Manufacturers keep boosted sanitiser supply in local hands

  • South Australian companies are ramping up hand sanitiser production to fill local shortages. Read more 

Breath testing for a deadly cancer

  • What if we could use a simple test to diagnose a deadly cancer? This is the brainchild of gastrointestinal surgeon Professor David Watson and breath analysis researcher Dr Roger Yazbek. Read more 

The avatar nurse improving Australia’s heart health

  • Cora is a cardiovascular nurse who is able to help patients all across Australia and speaks 144 languages. Oh, and Cora is an avatar. Read more 

Bringing smart technology to the humble t-shirt

  • Mes Teferra has a great idea up his sleeve. He’s working on an e-textile or ‘smart clothing’ prototype to track heart healthRead more 

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