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Opportunities await for people and companies from all over the globe to discover South Australia’s truly remarkable food, wine and agtech capabilities.

You can engage with industry leaders and hear about new trends in the digitisation of the supply chain; from seaweed to hemp, hear about South Australia's research on the latest food trends and learn about South Australia's success stories as a leading food manufacturing destination.

Live Q&A webinars

Don’t miss out on your chance to hear from some of the brightest people in food and wine, including the opportunity to discuss the latest trends and where these crucial industries are headed. There is no cost to participate in the webinars.

UK Wine and Market Update - Join us for an insightful discussion on the UK wine market, featuring a panel of experienced industry professionals
presented by Simon Thorpe MW
with Laura Jewell MW & David Cartwright
by Office of the Agent General
Tuesday 29 September 5:30pm (ACST)


Provenance and Authenticity in Wine and Food Tourism - Meet South Australian personalities in unique regions discussing authenticity and provenance
with Chester Osborn, D'Arenberg
Kris Lloyd AM, Woodside Cheese
Sacha La Forgia, Adelaide Hills Distillery
Wednesday 30 September 2:00pm (ACST)


Watch Q&A webinars on demand

Food reliability and safety - Hear about the secure and reliable supply
chain in an uncertain world, and new trends in digitisation

with Alistair McFarlane, Beston Global Food Co
Andrew Grant, Trust Provenance
Chris Braine, Cellr
presented in partnership with Food SA
8 September 2020


Grow your Exports - Learn about South Australia's success stories as a leading food manufacturing destination
with Chris Illman, Bickfords
Ian Young, Mexican Express (Mexex)
Nick Carr, Obela
14 September 2020


Tech-driven changes in wine - The importance of technology and ecommerce for the future of global wine sales
with Darren Oemcke, Hydra Consulting
Paul Mabray, Emetry
17 September 2020


Monumental growth in Agtech - South Australia has distinct offerings on welcoming international technology companies to trial their products in our state
with Darren Brakenridge, D3AG
Dr Leanna Read, Chair - SA Agtech Advisory Group
Michael Macolino, BDO
22 September 2020


Creating Abundance from Scarcity - Providing climate independent resources to support horticultural growth. Why companies have chosen to set up in South Australia to meet Australian and international market demands
with Peter Durand, Netafim
Steve Marafiote, Sundrop
23 September 2020


Power to the Plants - Discover South Australia's research focus on the latest food trend in plant and vegetable based protein, seaweed and hemp
with Dr Adam Main, CH4
Maria Saarela, PIRSA - SARDI
Dr Sasi Nayar, PIRSA - SARDI
24 September 2020


Clean and safe environment

Our clean and safe environment, and robust biosecurity frameworks and traceability systems, have seen South Australia become a reliable producer and exporter of top-quality food and beverage – using world-leading innovative technology and practices.

In fact, we’re fast becoming a leader in the development and export of AgriTech products, offering services and practices to add value and increase the productivity of South Australia’s agricultural industry.

And we’ve invested heavily in three world-class universities and specialised institutions to ensure South Australia’s food industries become even more competitive, innovative and ecologically sustainable.

With such diverse agricultural production, there is an abundance of compelling investment opportunities within South Australia’s Food, Wine and Agribusiness sector, just waiting to be explored.



Our natural environment made of clean soils, pristine waters and fresh air helps create international demand for our products, including quality seafood, grains, meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, beverages and processed food.

We have strong biosecurity frameworks and traceability systems and are close to a diverse range of agricultural sub-sectors such as dairy, grains, horticulture, fisheries and aquaculture, viticulture, forestry and livestock.

South Australia’s food and beverage sector is maximising the transformation of locally sourced commodities to deliver higher-value differentiated products for national and export markets, through collaboration of existing companies and attraction of new enterprises.  




Premium wine

South Australia is internationally renowned as a premium wine producer, accounting for almost 80 per cent of Australia’s wine production and 60% of Australia’s total exports, with strong brands that embody sustainability, innovation and heritage. 

South Australia dominates the Australian wine industry, with just under half of all Australian vineyards situated in our state – we’re home to over 700 wineries, 350 cellar doors and 3,400 grape growers.




Our state has the largest agricultural research precinct in the Southern Hemisphere located near to the Australian Institute of Machine Learning for collaboration on crop management and farming conditions.

Working with the hi-tech sector in South Australia provides opportunities for the application of ag-tech to enhance agricultural productivity, profitability and sustainability.




Collaboration is in our DNA

Collaboration is in our DNA here in South Australia. You will have access to some of the best innovation precincts where high-profile businesses, academia, industry bodies and government are co-located and working together.

Lot Fourteen

An innovation neighbourhood in the heart of Adelaide, Lot Fourteen is focused on growing the industries of the future, like space, defence, and agtech and includes the Australian Institute of Machine Learning, Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C)  as well the Australian Space Agency.



Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Adelaide home to the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, a world-leading research capability at the University of Adelaide which has the highest number of machine learning researchers of any university in Australia.


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