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Energy and mining in our state

South Australia boasts an abundance of natural assets – including significant deposits of copper, gold, iron ore, graphite and petroleum – meaning that global demand for resources and expertise is already high. However, we are constantly looking for ways to diversify our offering.

Nationally, we are leading the uptake of renewable energy, while also broadening our energy sector into batteries, thermal storage, hydrogen storage and pumped water storage in disused mine pits. 

These efforts allow us to work closely with project developers to meet energy needs now and in the future.


How we can support you

Assistance through funding


The South Australian Government has a framework for providing assistance to industry through funds including:



Here in South Australia we’re proud to have fostered a strong relationship between government, industry and academia. Over time, these key relationships have cultivated a highly-skilled workforce, developed cutting-edge research, and delivered labour costs which are around 10 per cent below the Australian average. This competitive environment supports highly profitable investments and makes South Australia a place where your business can truly innovate and grow.


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