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Clean Energy is a joint collaboration between Department for Trade and Investment and Department for Energy and Mining

This is the chance for people and companies from all over the globe to discover South Australia’s truly remarkable clean energy capabilities.

You can engage with some of the brightest people in renewable energy anywhere in the world and learn how more organisations are discovering clean energy opportunities in South Australia.

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The renewable energy transition revolution

South Australia is leading the world in its transition to renewable energy. In 2019 we generated more than 50% of our electricity from renewables. But we have bigger goals in our sights. Our aspiration is to achieve 100% net renewable energy in the 2030s - generating more clean power than needed for domestic use.

South Australia is open for business. With untapped energy resources, a track record of policy certainty and the vision to make it happen, we are a leader in meeting the world’s clean energy demands, while reducing emissions at home and overseas.



Hornsdale Power Reserve

Investing in untapped solar, wind and energy storage

South Australia is leading the nation in renewable energy and storage deployment. South Australia has a world-leading home battery scheme; the world’s largest virtual power plant; 21 wind farms; three utility scale solar farms; and already has three utility scale storage facilities installed, including the world’s first ‘Big Battery’ at Jamestown.

There is also a significant portfolio of wind, solar and energy storage projects under construction or in development (up to 12.5 gigawatts of power projects, equating to approximately $19 billion in potential investment, in various stages of development).

Additionally, we are fast-tracking interconnection with NSW - opening additional clean energy opportunities along its route. Our track record of policy certainty and innovation has supported billions of dollars in renewable energy investment.



De-carbonising industry

We plan to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. We will continue to decarbonise the energy sector and reduce emissions from all other sectors, but in particular from transport. South Australia’s vision is to lead Australia in the uptake of electric vehicles and smart charging infrastructure – in line with our Electric Vehicle Action Plan.

De-carbonsing industry


One of the best climates for wind

First mover in hydrogen

South Australia is in a first mover position on clean hydrogen. With one of the best climates for wind and solar anywhere in the world, we’re scaling up clean hydrogen production for export and domestic consumption through our Hydrogen Action Plan. We have committed to over $40 million for three megawatt-scale renewable hydrogen projects including Australia’s largest electrolyser. South Australia is well on its way to becoming a world-class supplier of clean hydrogen.


Collaboration is in our DNA

Collaboration is in our DNA here in South Australia. You will have access to some of the best innovation precincts where high-profile businesses, academia, industry bodies and government are co-located and working together.

Lot Fourteen

An innovation neighbourhood in the heart of Adelaide, Lot Fourteen is home to the SmartSat CRC, which is focused on transforming mining and natural resources, as well as Core Innovation Hub, connecting South Australian innovators with the resources and energy sector. Lot Fourteen is also supporting the growth of industries of the future, from space and defence to cyber security, machine learning, health, and medical.



Tonsley Innovation District


Tonsley has become a hub for renewable energy innovation in South Australia and is home to a number of businesses leading the way, including Tesla’s service centre, and Australia’s first hydrogen production and distribution facility, Hydrogen Park SA.

Australian Gas Networks are utilising a 1.25MW Siemens electrolyser to produce hydrogen gas from renewable energy, helping pave the way for the deployment of a hydrogen economy in Australia. Then there’s Core Innovation Hub’s satellite office, which is connecting South Australian leading businesses in the cleantech and renewable energy sector at Tonsley, which includes Enwave Energy, Siemens, Phoenix Contact, AZZO and SAGE.



Connect at 10 Gigabits

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network that is being rolled out to commercial buildings across the City of Adelaide. The network enables businesses and organisations to share and receive high volumes of data at phenomenal 10 Gbps data speeds.

In addition, GigCity Adelaide allows businesses access to affordable internet with speeds from one gigabit right up to 10 gigabit at GigCity locations across Adelaide and the regions, that includes Lot Fourteen, Technology Park and Tonsley Innovation District.



Case studies

Australia’s largest lithium ion battery – a historic agreement between Tesla, Neoen and the South Australian Government.


Meet the world's largest virtual power plant.

Discover Energy Australia’s Hallett Power Station repower project and how GE is keeping South Australia powered, working alongside renewable energy resources for a sustainable energy future.


The installation of one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar arrays has been installed at Tonsley Innovation District.

Discover Hydrogen Park SA, Australia's first hydrogen production facility.

In good company

From global companies to SMEs and ground-breaking startups, here are just some of the clean energy companies that call South Australia home:



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