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  • Moo Premium Foods case study

Since their beginnings in 2005, MOO Premium Foods have grown from a small business with a passion for quality to a significant South Australian company with a national presence.


Despite this growth, they have maintained their commitment to choosing quality, local South Australian dairy in their quest for premium products that taste great.

MOO Premium Foods use fresh dairy sourced from a number of farms across SA, so when you choose them, you’re also supporting an entire industry of local farmers within their supply chain.

Since the launch of I Choose SA, MOO Premium Foods have thrown their support behind the program, so much so that founder and Managing Director, Mick Sanders has come on board as an I Choose SA ambassador.

Since I Choose SA Day in October 2017, MOO Premium Foods has seen a 3% increase in total product sales. This is significant considering they now produce 400 tonnes of yoghurt each year.

The I Choose SA campaign has also influenced purchase behaviour within the food service and retail industries. MOO has seen an increase in the number of food service businesses utilising their products since the campaign was launched in August 2016.

“Our involvement in the campaign has assisted with sales conversations with multiple retailers, enabling us to increase our range and bring on new stockists. We have introduced 3 new product lines into independent supermarkets in South Australia since October,” said Cassandra Dinino, MOO Premium Foods Marketing and Communications Consultant.

“The biggest benefit to us though, has been the marketing and PR support I Choose SA has offered, which has significantly increased our brand awareness and positioned us as a premium, local manufacturer.”

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