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  • Golden North case study

Golden North are an iconic South Australian brand. Since 1923, their Giant Twins range has been a staple on many hot summer days; 2 million of which are sold in South Australia each year.


Golden North have remained South Australian owned and operated and still manufacture in the regional township of Laura. From research and development, transport, and packaging, Golden North are a considerable contributor to South Australian employment, and always choose SA companies where possible.

Golden North’s alignment with the I Choose SA program is obvious and since its launch they have contributed to, and benefited from the I Choose SA program significantly. Through each successive involvement with the campaign in local supermarket chains, Golden North have seen large spikes in sales. Their participation in I Choose SA at Coles week in October 2017, resulted in a 700% sales increase, their highest yet.

In February 2018, three new Golden North products were approved to be listed in Coles supermarkets; you will soon be able to buy 5 Litre Country Style Krazy Kolors and two of their latest Frozen Custard products. Ivy Lee, Golden North Brand Manager credits the I Choose SA program as a contributing factor in this decision by Coles.

“The success of the I Choose SA program has definitely played a crucial role during the listing process for Golden North. It is very exciting that we could get 3 lines listed in one discussion.”

This consistent increase in production and sales growth has filtered down to the factory floor with Golden North increasing employment opportunities within the business.

“To support the growth of demand since the launch of the I Choose SA program, we have increased the number of our casual workforce to support our ice cream production.”

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