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As the Mighty South Aussies, Foodland are committed to supporting South Australia through the brands they stock, their supply chain, and the locals they employ.


Foodland have more than 100 stores in South Australia and employ over 9,000 local staff.

Since the launch of I Choose SA, Foodland have championed the ‘choose local’ message. Foodland CEO, Con Sciacca came on board as an I Choose SA Ambassador, Foodland stores have regularly highlighted SA products in stores and catalogues, as well as in their advertising.

“We’ve always supported SA suppliers with a path to purchase. Consumers see Foodland as a place where they can buy good quality local products, which is something we are very proud of,” said Con Sciacca, Foodland CEO.

“We strongly believe in supporting local producers and it is a big part of what we do. As an independent supermarket, we have a lot of control over the stock in each store so, many stores are open to small food producers testing out their products and marketing mix in individual stores.”

I Choose SA and Foodland have partnered on a number of promotions including Foodland’s South Australian Christmas campaign in December 2017. I Choose SA supported the campaign through a competition, giving away a $250 Foodland voucher, additional media promotion and providing all Foodland stores with posters and shelf talkers, drawing greater attention to local brands. The promotion featured specials on more than 20 South Australian brands resulting in significant sales increases.

Tuckers Natural had a 40% sales increase as a result of the catalogue promotion and total growth for December was over 12% when compared to November’s sales.

Seafood sales are always big over the Christmas period but Ferguson Australia saw greater December sales in 2017 than in previous years. Foodland’s South Australia Christmas promotion, featuring I Choose SA branding resulted in a 98% sales increase when compared to sales in December 2016.

Not only have local brands seen an increase in sales as a result of the I Choose SA campaign, they have also seen an increase in promotional opportunities and the number of stores stocking their product. During the South Australian Christmas promotion, Kytons Bakery had twice as many Foodland stores across SA stock their Christmas puddings and mince pies compared to in 2016. Sharon Sutton, General Manager, Kytons Bakery said the I Choose SA and Foodland partnership was excellent for her business.

“The Foodland Christmas promotion was a great vehicle for Kytons to promote its new branding and packaging of our Christmas Puddings and mince pies; Kytons featured in the Foodland catalogues and on the digital screens in the Adelaide Railway station.”

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