Department of State Development

Webinar series

To assist South Australian exporters and companies interested in overseas market-specific information relating to the current COVID-19 situation, the department has held a series of webinar updates that provide an up-to-date situation analysis within South Australia’s key export markets.

Trade shows and events

  • A number of business missions have been affected by global concerns around COVID-19 and updates (including postponements and cancellations) are made on DTI’s website accordingly. Companies that have registered their interest for affected activities are contacted by the relevant department or agency. See the current version of the Business Mission Calendar.
  • In the challenging environment, restricting travel and trade missions, DTI is currently reviewing the way we interact with the world using webinars and other digital or virtual means.
  • South Australia’s overseas representatives are able to provide on-the-ground support for communication between exporters and importers/customers.
  • The following are lists of a broader range of trade fairs and exhibitions internationally and their current status. This includes events other than those which DTI intends to participate in or is monitoring:

State websites

Federal websites

International websites