Brand South Australia Partnerships

Our objectives

As South Australia’s proudest supporter, Brand South Australia collaborates with business and industry organisations to deliver and amplify our strategic objectives.

We have ambitious goals to:

  • Influence consumers to support local brands, products and businesses. Specifically, we want to see $1 in every $20 spent on South Australian products.
  • Evolve, revitalise and manage the State Brand, so that it enhances South Australia’s appeal, unites our stakeholders with one story and is seen as a key asset across government, industry and community.

Partnership criteria

Our focus for 2023-24 includes partnerships which:

  1. Drive business outcomes for the South Australian economy, specifically through the sale of local products in South Australia. Opportunities that can demonstrate uplift in sales or distribution beyond business-as-usual will be strongly regarded. 
  2. Help us grow recognition of the State Brandmark through activities which contribute to the sale of local products. This may include inclusion of the State Brandmark in high profile, broad-reaching promotions or packaging.  

With these criteria in mind, our ideal partners include:

  • Supermarket retailers with a footprint in South Australia
  • Consumer-facing South Australian events with substantial audience reach, which showcase, trial and encourage the purchase of South Australian products.
  • South Australian FMCG products or brands in operation for less than 5 years with no existing trade marketing plans
  • Relevant industry organisations that can act as an extension of our team to help deliver our strategic objectives
  • Partners that can provide demonstrable results. 

Brand SA has limited capacity for paid partnerships, and will not consider requests for partnerships that do not meet these objectives. 

Brand SA is unable to partner with:

  • Organisations or groups who discriminate based on race, gender, beliefs, class or cultural considerations.
  • Individuals who are undertaking “fundraising” activities. Examples of fundraising activities include fun runs or walks, sporting challenges, raffles or quiz nights.
  • Sporting Clubs.
  • Projects providing benefit outside of South Australia.

Partnership expectations

Brand SA partnerships contain deliverables and KPIs which must be evaluated at the conclusion of the partnership.

We also expect:

  • Recognition in newsletters, website,  social media and PR opportunities
  • Branding on signage and event collateral
  • Professionalism and ease of dealing, including with any media opportunities which may arise as a result of the partnership.

You will be required to provide a financial acquittal and reporting requirements as outlined in your agreement.

Other ways to partner with us

Brand SA is committed to driving use of the State Brand within South Australia. If your organisation is running an event or activity that aligns with our objectives, please get in touch to see how we can support you with merchandise, signage or promotional assets.

Using the State Brand

Currently, over 8,000 businesses are registered to use the State Brand on their product or advertising or website. 

If you’re not looking for a formal partnership, but support passion for local businesses and want to highlight that you’re South Australian, you can register to use the brandmark.

South Australian businesses which meet the following criteria can also register to use the State Brand free of charge.

Be part of the story

If you are registered to use the State Brand, we’d love you to share photos on social media. Post on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn using #BrandSA or tag us at @brandsouthaus  

If you’d like us to feature your business in future content, campaigns or social media, please submit your story.

Think you’d make a great partner? 

If the objectives of your organisation align with ours and you have an idea for how we can work together we’d love to hear from you. We welcome you to email a proposal to Brand SA Partnerships Officer, Deb Blair via email for consideration. 

Your proposal should include:

  • A defined partnerships plan with key accountabilities
  • Your objectives, detailing how these align with Brand SA’s strategic objectives
  • Suggested performance indicators and measures
  • Resourcing, execution and timelines
  • Total budget.

Contact us

Deb Blair
Brand SA Partnerships Officer