South Australian tech on show in Japan

13 Dec 2022
South Australian tech was on show at the 10th anniversary of the Innovation Leaders’ Summit (ILS) in Japan – the largest open-innovation event in Asia with more than 10,000 participants.
Eight South Australian tech businesses successfully secured virtual meetings with some of Japan’s largest corporations to present their technologies, with one company making the trip in-person to present their products.
The participating companies include:
·       eBottli – an agtech company that provide solutions to improve experience, efficiency, and traceability within the food and wine industry

·       ESPY Ocean – experts in satellite image data analysis including detection of ‘dark’ marine vessels, monitoring of ocean conditions and pelagic fish and analysis of terrestrial environments including biodiversity and aerosols

·       Opentute/Course Box – an e-learning provider that can build a mobile-friendly course in under one hour

·       XFrame – circular economy construction – recoverable and reusable framing system for the next generation of sustainable construction

·       Clarity Aquatic – which offers green solutions for water treatment

·       Deep Planet – an agtech company that is building an AI or machine-learning platform that leverages satellite imagery and IoT sensors to deliver actionable insights in wine grape growing, helping growers and winemakers. 

·       Makers Empire – teaching design and technology curriculum and STEM in a fun and engaging way with the world’s easiest to use 3D design app and 3D printing program

·       Nexlec – an education matching marketplace for medical industries conducting continual professional development (CPD).

“XFrame’s participation in this year’s Innovation Leaders’ Summit has been invaluable to assist our growth aspirations for the Japanese market,” Carsten Dethlefsen, Managing Director at XFrame said. “The support and introductions facilitated through the ILS and by the Department for Trade and Investment have undoubtedly generated opportunities for XFrame to pursue further. 
“Attending the ILS in person was of significant additional benefit to XFrame. Through numerous on-site networking opportunities, we were able to generate further business opportunities that would otherwise not have come about online.”
To prepare the companies for their participation, the Department for Trade and Investment, in conjunction with the Department for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) Japan and Shinka Management, held a Japan market briefing session and several individual mock pitch sessions covering: 
·       Japan market overview
·       Japanese business etiquette practices relevant to meetings and presentations
·       Pitch customisation for Japanese audiences
·       Recommended approach to follow up and relationship building.

The South Australian businesses are being supported by the Department for Trade and Investment and the Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Science and Resources.
“Participating in the ILS program has been both a fantastic experience and positive for our business growth,” Jill Dewey, Managing Director, ESPY Ocean said.
“Through the ILS we have made some great business connections with companies in Japan that would have difficult to navigate to on our own.   
“The DTI’s support program prepared us well for our meetings, giving us a greater understanding of the Japanese market and culture; and the opportunity to practice running a meeting with an interpreter. We highly recommend this program to any start up considering entering the Japanese market.” 
A range of technology will be pitched from artificial intelligence tools, to tracking software, green solutions technology, and an interactive curriculum. 
“As CEO of Clarity Aquatic, I am in the process of growing the company, currently located in South Australia, that has designed and manufactures innovative Constructed Floating Wetland (CFW) modules that are used to form islands to clean pollutants from stormwater and wastewater, naturally,” Kim Falster, General Manager of Clarity Aquatic said. 
“The CFWs use selected plants whose roots grow into the water bodies, removing unwanted nutrients, improving water quality, and protecting habitats for fish and aquatic life.
“I was pleased to be invited by the Department for Trade and Investment (DTI) to present Clarity Aquatic to Japanese organisations at the Innovation Leaders’ Summit, with the aim of entering the Japanese market. 
“The support by DTI and partners, such as Shinka Management, through the whole process of generating marketing information, supplying translation services, setting up meetings, providing guidance and coaching for the sales pitch, and interpreter services, was excellent. 
“The DTI team were fabulous and made the process enjoyable and hopefully produces positive results.”
For further information on how the Department for Trade and Investment can support South Australian companies looking to export, visit