South Australia’s key sectors that will help to catapult the state’s economic growth, are exactly the sectors which hold the ‘pot of opportunities’ within the Indian market.

India provides one of the largest growth opportunities in the world within the food and agribusiness sector, ranging from processed foods and beverages, fresh produce, pulses and lentils, to wine and spirits, health food, dairy, value-added products, food processing technology, food retail and e-commerce.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created even more demand for Indian consumers. They want immunity and health boosting foods and beverages and are willing to spend the ‘extra Rupee’ to ensure that what they consume will benefit them.

Australia currently enjoys the largest share of imported wines in India, with South Australia able to provide the perfect offering through its premium and unique wines, to build a strong footprint within the Indian market.

The energy and coal mining industries are sectors which hold the maximum growth in present times and have received a significant boost and focus by the Government of India. South Australia’s state-of-the-art equipment and technology services will propel the relationship and presence in these sectors.

In India, the health and medical services sector have always faced challenges, even more so during COVID-19. South Australia’s strengths in biotechnology, digital health, medical devices, nutraceuticals, traditional medicines and pharmaceuticals will provide a unique offering to the health ecosystem in India.

Artificial intelligence, data analytics and virtual reality has the ability to boost and find opportunities to develop India’s industry sectors whilst international education is a key sector of growth with the announcement by the Indian Government recently to allow foreign universities to set up campuses of their own in the country.

India has more than a billion people that can benefit from the quality products South Australia has to offer and I’m glad to be able to provide support, advice and guidance to South Australian exporters to understand the nuances, complexities and intricacies that lie within the Indian market.

I’m delighted to start developing relationships between India and South Australia, in partnership with my colleague, Sidharth Mehta, Regional Director, MENA and India, based in the South Australian Government’s Dubai office.

We’re both keen to help South Australian exporters navigate some unique challenges and to guide them to enter the Indian and MENA markets.

Anyone who would like support to enter the Indian market or wants to learn more about the opportunities available, can contact me through the Department for Trade and Investment.